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Ielts task 2 essay: the responsibility of rich countries for helping the poorer nations

Ielts task 2 essay: the responsibility of rich countries for helping the poorer nations

Improvements in health, education and trade are essential for the development of poorer nations. However, the governments of richer nations should take more responsibility for helping the poorer nations in such areas. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

In today's increasingly global vocation, every nations around the world do not only try hard in developing their countries, but also simultaneously support, invest to each other. Rich countries hold a certain responsibility in leveling up facilities 's others. The basis for these opinions are personal and social

Personally, the citizen in each countries could get multiple beneficial value from abroad nations. In order words, there is truly a movement toward greater justice of human rights. For example, the poor regions resident could be given jobs, facilities or even money, leading to better life. Furthermore, people in developed countries enhanced much broad productions were satisfied their needs.

Socially, when developed countries decide to help other countries surely, they may be out of control. This means that they are bound to be many risk, for instance, our-sourcing, what's more, inflicted damage on finance resulting in debt. Additionally, corruption remaining obviously is like a well-know thing. However, if they manage their resources professionally, they might get much more advantages from their investing. Indeed, there is a tremendous increase in their standard of living, leads to improvements or innovations.

In conclusion, supportive responsibility does not forced upon rich countries, but that ought to be performed in current context. It seems that rich people should help poor people, which is a dimession to tend to more justice.

Long, keep in mind that in the format of an academic essay, the opening paragraph must always include your personal opinion when required by the prompt. That is not an opinion that should be placed at the end of the first paragraph. The furthest it can be located is at the end of the first paragraph, prior to your transition sentence into the second paragraph.

You also need to take ownership of your opinion in the essay. That is. if you are not discussing the opinions of other people prior to your own opinion. As for your conclusion, The first few lines were in line with the proper conclusion of the prompt. Then you wrote this confusing line :

It seems that rich people should help poor people, which is a dimession to tend to more justice.

I am not sure what you mean by dimession, and how that can lead to more justice. I think you did not develop that line of reasoning properly. Please clarify it and revise the sentence or paragraph accordingly. Keep in mind that when your essay does not make sense at any point, you can lose some major points in the final grading.

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Discourse Markers used:
['also', 'but', 'if', 'may', 'so', 'still', 'kind of']

Attributes: Values AverageValues Percentages(Values/AverageValues)% => Comments

Performance in Part of Speech:
Nouns: 0.283898305085 0.247107183377 115% => OK
Verbs: 0.131355932203 0.155533422707 84% => OK
Adjectives: 0.0762711864407 0.0946595960268 81% => OK
Adverbs: 0.0296610169492 0.0501214627716 59% => OK
Pronouns: 0.0550847457627 0.0437548338989 126% => Less pronouns wanted. Try not to use 'you, I, they, he. ' as the subject of a sentence
Prepositions: 0.0932203389831 0.122226691241 76% => OK
Participles: 0.0381355932203 0.0403226058552 95% => OK
Conjunctions: 2.50925236121 2.80594681477 89% => OK
Infinitives: 0.0381355932203 0.0326793684256 117% => OK
Particles: 0.0 0.00163938923432 0% => OK
Determiners: 0.0847457627119 0.0861772015684 98% => OK
Modal_auxiliary: 0.0296610169492 0.021408717616 139% => OK
WH_determiners: 0.00423728813559 0.011925033212 36% => Some subClauses wanted starting by 'Which, Who, What, Whom, Whose. '

Vocabulary words and sentences:
No of characters: 1263.0 1933.35771543 65% => OK
No of words: 205.0 316.048096192 65% => More content wanted.
Chars per words: 6.16097560976 6.12580529183 101% => OK
Fourth root words length: 3.78388967377 4.20517956788 90% => OK
words length more than 5 chars: 0.414634146341 0.374742101984 111% => OK
words length more than 6 chars: 0.317073170732 0.28420135186 112% => OK
words length more than 7 chars: 0.156097560976 0.203846283523 77% => OK
words length more than 8 chars: 0.0926829268293 0.137316102897 67% => OK
Word Length SD: 2.50925236121 2.80594681477 89% => OK
Unique words: 130.0 176.037074148 74% => More unique words wanted.
Unique words percentage: 0.634146341463 0.56093040696 113% => OK
Word variations: 64.8335584745 60.7387585426 107% => OK
How many sentences: 11.0 16.0891783567 68% => OK
Sentence length: 18.6363636364 20.7743622355 90% => OK
Sentence length SD: 39.2474666235 49.517814964 79% => OK
Chars per sentence: 114.818181818 127.492653851 90% => OK
Words per sentence: 18.6363636364 20.7743622355 90% => OK
Discourse Markers: 0.636363636364 0.814263465372 78% => OK
Paragraphs: 13.0 4.38877755511 296% => There are something wrong with the essay format.
Language errors: 2.0 3.99599198397 50% => OK
Readability: 50.3436807095 49.1944974215 102% => OK
Elegance: 1.92156862745 1.69124875643 114% => OK

Coherence and Cohesion:
Essay topic to essay body coherence: 0.287809767404 0.332605444948 87% => OK
Sentence sentence coherence: 0.0940656913575 0.102741220458 92% => OK
Sentence sentence coherence SD: 0.0606699300852 0.0668466124924 91% => OK
Sentence paragraph coherence: 1.0 0.534860350844 187% => Sentence paragraph similarity is high.
Sentence paragraph coherence SD: 3.07920464807e-16 0.148594505496 0% => Sentences are similar to each other in a paragraph.
Sentence topic coherence: 0.1237478114 0.134430193775 92% => OK
Sentence topic coherence SD: 0.0558208746579 0.0742795772207 75% => OK
Paragraph paragraph coherence: 0.0887973412087 0.324371583561 27% => OK
Paragraph paragraph coherence SD: 0.0528572946658 0.0638462369009 83% => OK
Paragraph topic coherence: 0.113946643879 0.228012699653 50% => OK
Paragraph topic coherence SD: 0.0576561188342 0.058150111329 99% => OK

Task Achievement:
Sentences with positive sentiment. 8.0 8.68436873747 92% => OK
Sentences with negative sentiment. 1.0 3.9879759519 25% => OK
Sentences with neutral sentiment: 2.0 3.41683366733 59% => OK
Positive topic words: 8.0 5.90881763527 135% => OK
Negative topic words: 1.0 2.5751503006 39% => OK
Neutral topic words: 2.0 1.9629258517 102% => OK
Total topic words: 11.0 10.4468937876 105% => OK
What are sentences with positive/Negative/neutral sentiment?

Minimum 250 words wanted.
Rates: 56.1797752809 out of 100
Scores by essay e-grader: 5.0 Out of 9
Note: This is not the final score. The e-grader does NOT examine the meaning of words and ideas. VIP users will receive further evaluations by advanced module of e-grader and human graders.

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how do i see my sat essay online

Pollution: More Acceptable in Poorer Nations?

Pollution: More Acceptable in Poorer Nations?

Autor: novamoon_a • March 19, 2013 • Essay • 315 Words (2 Pages) • 439 Views

Pollution and how to address its impacts is a growing concern for people around the world. The idea of exporting pollution to third world countries was examined and found to be an economically sound proposition. If adopted as an acceptable practice, previously unwanted industries may find new homes in foreign countries at the expense of people and the environment.

Pollution: More Acceptable in Poorer Nations?

Pollution and what to do with it is a growing problem in the United States and other developed nations around the world. The economic, environmental and human impacts have gained attention in recent years due to the suggestion that exporting pollution to third world countries would be an acceptable solution. The following will look at both sides of the debate.

In 1991, Lawrence Summers was the chief economist at the World Bank (Hosmer, 2008). A memorandum that he wrote to some colleagues and friends suggested that the World Bank should be encouraging more countries to move their dirty industries to third world countries or less developed countries for three reasons: 1) the cost of health-impairing pollution is based on the earnings of a nation, so the lowest cost would be in a country with the lowest earnings 2) pollution costs will be lower in under-populated countries because their air is under-polluted currently and 3) health concerns are higher in people and nations with higher income (Hosmer, 2008) .

His suggestions were made from a purely economic standpoint and started a debate if this was ethical, right or just.

An Economic View

A simplistic basis of the economic theory is to maximize outputs while minimizing the cost with the least expensive inputs such as materials and