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Mirai - the Girl with the Dragon Heart at Skyrim Nexus - mods and community


Last updated at 14:54, 30 Jan 2017 Uploaded at 20:48, 10 May 2014

A short story and character trailer for her quest line.

Mirai is a young Breton mage living alone in the harsh frozen wastelands of Skyrim for close to a year. Originally from High Rock like the rest of her kind, you'll be quick to learn a situation with her father caused her to seek refuge alone in the lands of the north. What the situation was, however; she's not as open about. Mirai had always been a delicate girl, a fawn under her mothers protection -- a sheltered life but with the adventurous heart of a dragon. As such being forced to learn to become more independent so quickly was a struggle but found a way to carry on. Her long time alone in Skyrim has begun to have an affect on her once sweet demeanor and now comes off as a much more abrasive, distrusting, overall 'cold' person to others. Her front comes to falter from time to time as at the very heart of her being she is still the same delicate girl she once was and perhaps just needs someone to open up to to help her solve the problem that continues to plague her from the inside out.

Mirai fights mostly with ice focused magic and kites when she can but is not afraid to get close and dirty in melee. She starts off with a familiar summon which is later a frost atronarch summon to distract her enemies while she freezes them.

A playthrough of her three quests so far.

Other fun fan videos of Mirai:

  • Found at her home in MARKARTH!
  • Her home can be found by continuing straight from the gates, listen in on her pleas and hop in at the right time to offer your help!
  • Fully stand-alone, no other mods are required!
  • Over 1000+ lines of spoken dialogue!
  • Should be compatible with other mods except ones that change the landscape of Markarth.
  • Lightfoot perk and a few novice mage combat perks.
  • Minimal dialogue when sneaking or in battle.
  • Levels at 0.95 of player
  • Marriageable at the end of her main quest.
  • Special powers at the end of her quest.
  • At 0.97 height of vanilla Breton.
  • A Custom Wedding Dress!
  • A Custom Dragon Heart Pendant!

First and foremost this is my first modding attempt of any kind of any game. Simply put the amount of easily accessible material and modding tools made available by the amazing Skyrim modding community and the sheer amount of easy to follow tutorials, etc has made it easy enough for someone as new as me to pick up and get started quickly. I've been using tons of mods made by others for months now and have always wanted to add a personal touch of my own to Skyrim and give back to the friendly community. I've become a little intimidated with scripting but I'd really like to continue learning so I can really bring Mirai to life. So keep in mind that this is primarily a learning experience for me.

Since I've started creating Mirai I've had so much help from various people from testing, to suggestions, to actual ways to fix problems from which there are too many to name.

To Do:
  • Redefine how her random comments work and trigger
  • Adding nearly 200 other player quest dialogue and comments on surroundings
  • Adding interactions with followers Recorder and Sofia
  • Adding dialogue between her and Miraak's questline
  • CME save/preset
  • CBBE & other hair versions along side main
  • Make Renai a follower

  • Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team and tktk1
  • SG Hairs & SG Female Textures Renewal by HelloSanta
  • The Eyes Of Beauty by LogRaam
  • DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
  • West Wind Combat Series - Misfit Mage UNP by brokefoot
  • Stand-alone follower Tutorials by DECK16 and Natilde
  • INIGO and Vilja for guides and inspiration
  • REAL ENGAGEMENT RINGS by Gamwich and Saerileth
  • Familiar Faces by verteiron for help in shouting.

Finally thank you to Yui Hisiashi for voicing Mirai and her continued support as none of this would be possible without her. Visit her youtube channel at:
Yui's Channel

  • She suffers from the dialogue bug like some new custom voiced followers do which I hope is fixed with the included SEQ file. If she's not talking, save and reload.
  • UFO and other follower overhaul mod features that are added WILL NO LONGER WORK ON MIRAI unless you force her into management by a spell included by their respective mods. Thanks to SAGringo and Dragonfire12 for testing.
  • Other custom voiced followers may create problems with recruiting Mirai. The last loaded will take priority so if encountering problems with others after recruiting Mirai, that's probably the reason. Thanks to archonsg for his thorough testing.
  • As she is a little short, she will resize during relaxing animations. If this bothers you consider SIZE DOES MATTER by Mahlzeit88
  • Also a big thanks to Anordil87 for a patch for the mod Requiem.

To get Wardrobe Manager to work with Mirai. courtesy of NEXcjp920
type help JemWMPotentialAdds
-- you should see a line like FACT: ( xx053988 ) 'JemWMPotentialAdds'
-- the xx part will be the 2 digits representing your load order for JemWM (Wardrobe Manager)
-- now target Mirai while in console and WITH HER TARGETED
type addtofaction xx53988 1
remember to replace the xx with the actual number from the help line you saw above
exit console
You should now see the dialogue for finding another outfit from Wardrobe Manager when you talk to Mirai.

I hope you fall in love with the idea and concept of Mirai so far as much as I am in love with bringing her to life. I welcome and appreciate any feedback, coments, wishes, ideas, questions, or anything else of that nature to help me achieve that goal.

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Dragonheart essay help

Draco was a dragon and one of the main protagonists of Dragonheart . Draco was the first dragon to appear in the film series.

Biography Edit

It is heavily implied that Draco was one of the dragon eggs under the protection of Drago in the third film which takes place a few hundred years before the events of the first film and its sequel. Draco saw as the rest of his kind were hunted to extinction by the human race, including eventually his own mate, leading him to distrust most of mankind.

Draco is convinced to share his heart with Prince Einon by his mother Queen Aislinn. Draco does so in hopes that, with his heart, Einon will go on to rule with justice and virtue.

Personality Edit

Draco was a wise-cracker, and a very noble dragon. He was also selfless, giving up his life and the existence of his species to kill Einon and save the kingdom. He did participate in scams all over the countryside with his knight friend Bowen. though he did have qualms over it. Like all dragons, Draco loved to sing when he was happy and never attacked anyone unless they attacked him first. He was always willing to look for an alternative solution to a problem and persuaded Bowen to stop attacking him and use him for a gold scam in return for some time in the sunlight and heat. He was highly intelligent, extremely sly and was sometimes skeptical about the status quo. He was hot-tempered, and was willing to defend anybody for any just cause. He was wise, sarcastic and unfailingly loyal.

Appearance Edit

Draco had brown and copper scales with dark accents. He had golden eyes (with a nictitating membrane that protected his eyes when he was underwater), a short, rounded snout with a "Roman nose," and eight horns--six around the back of his head, and one over each eye. The spade-like tip on the end of his tail could produce four blades which he used as an extra weapon when his fire and claws failed him. Draco's large wings seemed flexible and hand-like. He had four limbs and four digits on each foot, with an opposable thumb on each front foot so that his front feet could function as hands. He had razor-sharp teeth that he uses to eat flocks of sheep and cattle, as well as retractable fangs like a snake.

Legacy Edit

Draco's memory lived on in his friends' hearts, for by giving up his life to stop a tyrant he saved the kingdom, even though it was thought his death marked the end of his race.

This would turn out to be false, for in the last year of Bowen's life, he returned to Draco's cave, and was granted a miracle--a dragon egg ready to hatch. This egg was fathered by Draco and laid by the female he referred to as "The Scarred One ". This egg would hatch into a young dragon named Drake. He would always be remembered for saying, "To the stars, Bowen. To the stars!"

A younger version of Draco appears in Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire , as one of the seven dragons hatched from the remaining eggs brought to earth by Drago at the end of Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse .

Abilities Edit
  • Camouflage: Draco had a special ability to blend in his surroundings, mostly shown to be able to blend in with solid rock. He would pass on this ability to his son, Drake.
  • Fire-breath: Draco was able to send powerful blasts of fire from his nostrils. He is notable for being the only dragon in the film series shown to expel fire from his nostrils rather than his mouth.
  • Aquatic: Draco was shown to be able to breathe underwater for long periods of time and was able to swim long distances.
  • Heart-Sharing: Like all dragons, Draco was able to share his heart with a human, but with the side effect of feeling any pain that the human feels.
  • Jaw "Unhinging": Draco was able to "unhinge" his jaws so as to be able to open his mouth wide enough for a human to fit inside.
  • Dragon Strength: Draco was shown to have amazing strength, being able to carry a full grown horse and three humans with no struggle at all.
  • Dragon Durability: Draco's skin was very tough, showing off his durable body, he was able to survive from falling from high altitudes; such as the height of the castel.
  • Dragon Endurance: Since Draco shared his heart with a human, whenever the human was wounded he will feel the pain as well. It was unknown how great Draco's endurance would be if he had not shared his heart with a human.
  • Dragon Stamina: Draco's stamina was shown to be very high. He was able to swim or fly for long distances and was never shown to be exhausted at all.
  • Dragon Speed: Draco can fly in high speed faster than horse, he can run faster than a human and swim as fast as a dolphin.
  • Dragon Agility: Draco was shown to be flexible enough to swing his tail around, make flips while flying, and his body was shown to be maneuverable.
  • Flight: Draco's wings were powerful enough to bring him to high altitudes over the clouds.
  • Communication: Draco can speak perfect English, with a Scottish accent. He can also sing very well like all dragons.
  • Expert Combatant: Draco was a powerful fighter partly because of his large size, and had fought off numerous dragon-slayers.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Draco's intellect was equal to that of a human's and he able to give good advice.
Quotes Edit

"Are the stars shining tonight?" -- to Queen Aislinn

"Half my heart to make you whole, its strength to purify your weakness. Live and remember your oath." -- to Einon, after sharing his heart with him

"Why must you knight-errants out to make a name for yourselves always pick on us dragons?" -- to Bowen

"I AM the last one! " -- to Bowen

"I don't want to kill you, I never did. And I don't want you to kill me. How do we gain? If you win, you lose a trade. If I win, I wait around for the next sword-slinger thirsting to carve a reputation out of my hide. I'm tired of lurking in holes and skulking in darkness. I'm going to let you up now, and if you insist, we can pursue this fracas to its final stupidity. or, you can listen to my alternative." -- to Bowen

"His blade defends the helpless, his might upholds the weak, his word speaks only truth. " -- quoting the Old Code to Bowen

"Stop calling me "dragon"! I have a name." -- to Bowen

"No. No, I would be honored to be named after those stars. I--I truly would. Thank you, Bowen." -- to Bowen, upon receiving his new name

"Ready or not, here I come! It's Draco!" -- when about to attack Kara's village

"Long ago, when man was young and the dragon already old, the wisest of our race took pity on man. He gathered together all the dragons, making them vow to watch over man, always. And at the moment of his death, the night became a live with those stars. And thus was born the Dragons' Heaven. But when we die, not all dragons are admitted to this shining place. No, we have to earn it, and if we don't, our spirit disappears, as if we never were." -- to Bowen, Kara, & Brother Gilbert

"Gotcha!" -- upon catching a harpoon fired at him by one of Queen Aislinn's dragonslayers

"That was not the only reason. I had to wait for a time when man would not repeat my mistake and let tyranny thrive, when there would be those who remembered the Once-ways, and remember that even in the darkness there is still light." -- to Queen Aislinn

"As the heart binds Einon to me in life, it binds us in death." -- to Bowen

"You've seen that it is! Through the heart we share each other's pains and power, but in my half beats the life source. For Einon to die, I must die!" -- to Bowen

"You will never win until Einon's evil is destroyed, and to do that you must destroy me!" -- to Bowen

"Once you swore your sword and service were mine, to call when I had need of you, to ask what I would of you. I hold you to your vow, knight!" -- to Bowen

"To the stars, Bowen. To the stars." -- his last words to Bowen

Trivia Edit
  • Draco is the only dragon protagonist in the film series whose death (and ascension into the Dragons' Heaven) is shown.
International Voice Actors Edit

This table consists of other voice actors that have dubbed for this character in other languages.

Dragonheart essay help


A knight is sworn to valor. His heart knows only virtue. His blade defends the helpless. His might upholds the weak. His word speaks only truth. His wrath undoes the wicked.

  • All my life I've dreamed of serving noble kings, noble ideals. Dreams die hard and you hold them in your hands long after they've turned to dust. I will not be that naive again.
  • You should have eaten her.
  • Don't clutter up a clever scheme with morality.
  • There's nothing noble about crushing desperate men.
  • A knight is sworn to valor. His heart knows only virtue. His blade defends the helpless. His might upholds the weak. His word speaks only truth. His wrath undoes the wicked.
  • (flings a knight's corpse at Bowen and Gilbert) That's all that's left of the last dragon-slayer who tangled with me! If I were you, I'd quit while I was ahead!
  • Come, visit the woods! (drags Bowen through the trees)
  • I don't want to kill you, I never did! And I don't want you to kill me! How do we gain? If you win, you lose a trade. If I win, I wait around for the next sword-slinger thirsting to carve a reputation out of my hide. And I'm tired of lurking in holes and skulking in darkness. I'm gonna let you up now. And if you insist, we can pursue this fracas to its final stupidity. Or. you can listen to my alternative.
  • Long ago, when man was young and the dragon already old, the wisest of our race took pity on man. He gathered together all the dragons, making them vow to watch over man, always. And at the moment of his death, the night became alive with those stars. [points towards the constellation Draco] And thus was born the Dragons' Heaven. But when we die, not all dragons are admitted to this shining place. No, we have to earn it. And if we don't, our spirit disappears as if we never were. And that's why I shared my life force with a dying boy - so I would reunite man and dragon, and ensure my place among my ancient brothers of the sky. But. my sacrifice became my sin.
  • (regarding Sir Eglamore) I merely chewed in self defense, but I never swallowed.
  • When you squeeze the nobilty, it's the peasants that feel the pinch.
  • Next time, I'll keep the money, and you can die!

Gilbert of Glockspur Edit

  • (shoots a man in the rear) Turn the other cheek, brother.
  • (during Bowen and Draco's stalemate) Into the moonlit night the titans dueled, in mortal combat bound. Oh, who'd the fatal false step make? Whose blood would stain the ground? (yawns)
  • (at the end) And in the days following Draco's sacrifice, Bowen and Kara led the people in a time of justice and brotherhood. As I remember it now, those were golden years warmed by an unworldly light. And when things became the most difficult, Draco's star shown more brightly for all of us who knew where to look.
  • Avalon, oh Avalon, for you I quest each day.
The resting place of Arthur and the old code of his way.
And when I find those holy stones, I'll pray, I'll pray, I'll pray.
Oh Avalon, bright Avalon, think me not a fool.
My quest is not for vanity. My quest is spiritual!
  • A knight is sworn to valour. His heart knows only virtue. His blade defends the helpless. His might upholds the weak. His word speaks only truth. His wrath undoes the wicked. -The Old Code

Young Einon: The peasants are revolting! Brok: They've always been revolting, prince. Now they're rebellin'. Gilbert. My humble life is indebt to your exalted prowess, your dauntless courage, and your superb, swift sword! Bowen. You have the poet's gift of exaggeration. Gilbert. Oh, sir, you should read my histories. Gilbert: I've decided to compose the Ballad of Bowen! How do you prefer I should write it? Bowen: Far away! Draco. Why must you knight errands, out to make a name for yourselves, always pick on us dragons? Bowen. I don't need a name! And I've got a collection of my own! Draco. [snorts in disgust] You're one who kills dragons for money. Bowen. It's honest enough work! One must earn a living! Draco. Oh yes, one must live. Well, since you seek a profit, we might as well begin. Bowen. Oh, don't flatter yourself! It's not the profit, it's the pleasure! Draco. Perhaps less pleasurable and more costly than you think! Draco: If you win, you'll be out of work. Bowen: I will not stop until I've rid the world of every last one of you. Draco: I AM the last one! Bowen:(stuck in Draco's mouth: sees an arm stuck in the teeth and plucks it out) Oh, good lord. Sir Eglamore. (throws the arm out behind him)Draco: Oh, thank you. That's been stuck down there for months. Would you mind getting your buttocks off my tongue? Bowen: Why should you be comfortable? My armor is rusting in your drool, and your breath is absolutely foul. Draco: Well, what do you expect with old knights rotting between my molars? Bowen. What does a dragon know of the Old Code, anyway? Draco. "His blade defends the helpless. His might upholds the weak. His word speaks only truth." Bowen. Shut up. I remember. That's all it is, a memory. Nothing can bring it back. Draco. You sound like one who tried. Bowen. And failed. So I no longer try to change the world, dragon, I just try to get by in it. Draco. Yes, well, it's better than death, I suppose. Bowen. Oh, is it? I should think you'd welcome death. You know, the last of your kind, all your friends dead, hunted wherever you go. Draco. Do you delight in reminding me? Yes, knight, I do long for death. but fear it. Bowen. Why? Aside from your misery, what's to lose? Draco. My soul. Draco. (notices the dragon teeth attached to Bowen's shield) You must have hated us very much. Bowen. I hated one of you. These I killed because I wanted to kill him. But I never found him. And I never will; if you're the last, he must be dead. Draco. (smiling awkwardly) Oh, yes. Tell me - what was he like, this, uh, dragon that you hated? Bowen. He only had half a heart. But even that was enough to pollute an innocent boy. Draco. (suddenly angry) Einon was no innocent! He polluted the heart! Bowen. How do you know that. How do you know that, dragon? Draco. (scratches his head evasively) All dragons know that story! What was to be their hope became their doom! A spoiled, ungrateful child was given a great gift and destroyed it! Bowen. No! I knew Einon. I was his teacher. I taught him the ways of honor, of right. Draco. Then he betrayed you, just as he betrayed the dragon whose heart he broke. Bowen. That's a lie, dragon! Draco. STOP CALLING ME "DRAGON"! I have a name! Bowen. (after a short silence) Well, what is it? Draco. Huh. You couldn't possibly pronounce it in your tongue. Bowen. (smirking) Try me! Draco. It's-- (suddenly roars in pain and clutches at his shoulder; in Einon's castle, Kara has stabbed him)Draco. Have you been watching over me all night? Bowen. I've been thinking. Draco. Yes? About what? Bowen. Many things. Mostly about what to call you. I think I've found you a name. Draco. You say that as though you reached up and plucked it from the sky. Bowen. I did. Up there. Do you see that group of stars? (points at the Draco constellation)Draco. I know those stars very well. Bowen. Do you see the shape that they make? Draco. Mm-hmm, a dragon. Bowen. Yes. They call it Draco. It means "dragon" in the scholars' speech. Draco. (chuckling) So instead of calling me "dragon" in your tongue, you'll call me "dragon" in some other tongue? Bowen. You're right, it's silly. Draco. No! No, I would be honored to be named after those stars. I. I truly would. Thank you, Bowen. "Draco". Kara: In your kingdom, Einon, there are worse fates than death. Einon: I'll think one up for you. Draco. Who's the girl? Bowen. A nuisance! Get rid of her! Draco. Why? Bowen. They're trying to placate you with a sacrifice. Draco. (sarcastically) Oh, now whoever gave them that bright idea? Bowen. Never mind! Just get rid of her! Draco. How? Bowen. Eat her! Draco. Oh, please. Yuck!Bowen. Aren't we squeamish? You ate Sir Eglamore, hypocrite! Draco. I merely chewed in self-defense, but I never swallowed. Bowen. Improvise! Draco. All right, all right! Gilbert. Well done, Bowen! You've done it again! What a brute! That's even bigger than the last one! Bowen. Actually, he's about the same size. Einon. Times have not been kind to you, Bowen. You should have never broke with me. Bowen. It was you who broke with me! Einon. And yet, you returned to me with this girl I lost. Bowen. (Kara shakes her head and raises her dagger) I think she wants to stay lost. Einon. Not her decision, I'm afraid! [draws his sword] I'm ready for my lesson now, knight! Einon. Lay down, Bowen! You're the sad remains of dead systems and dead beliefs! Bowen. They were your beliefs! Einon. Never! Never mine! Bowen. [heartbroken] But. you spoke the words. Einon. I vomited them up because I couldn't stomach them! Because I knew it was what you wanted to hear! Bowen. No! I taught you! Einon. You taught me to fight, that's all! I took what I needed from you. You taught me to fight! (Draco has been chained down by Einon)Draco. I can't see! Are the stars shining tonight? Queen Aislinn. Brightly, my lord! Brightly! Draco. Then let us end it. King Einon. I know why you brought me the dragonslayers. You wanted them to kill him because you wanted me dead. Queen Aislinn. I wanted to correct a mistake made years ago, when I saved a creature not worth saving. King Einon. How un-motherly of you. Draco. Now it's you, Bowen. It's you that has to do it. Bowen. What are you talking about? Draco. As the heart binds Einon to me in life, it binds us in death. Bowen. [lifting a chain off Draco's head] That's not. true! Draco. You've seen that it is! Through the heart, we share each other's pains and power. But in my half beats the life source! For Einon to die, I must die! Bowen. Einon is dead! Draco. HE LIVES! Bowen. It doesn't matter. Don't you hear it? Our rebels have stormed the castle; alive or dead, Einon's beaten! We've won! Draco. You will never win until Einon's evil is destroyed, and to do that, you must destroy me!Bowen. No. Draco. Once you swore your sword and service were mine, to call when I had need of you, to ask what I would of you. I hold you to your vow, knight! [looking aside] He's coming. Coming to stop you! Strike before it's too late! [Kara approaches, shaking her head and trying to dissuade Bowen]Bowen. You are the last. Draco. My time is over! Strike! Bowen. You are my friend. Draco. Then as my friend, STRIKE, PLEASE! Bowen. I can't. Draco. Then I will make you! [starts snarling and clawing at Bowen] Fight back, dragonslayer! Defend yourself! Bowen. [distraught ] And now, without you, Draco, what do we do? Where do we turn? Draco's voice. [comforting ] To the stars, Bowen. To the stars.