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Guilt In Macbeth Essay Examples

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Macbeth guilt essay

Macbeth guilt essay


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Реферат: Macbeth Guilt Essay Research Paper This was

Macbeth Guilt Essay Research Paper This was

Macbeth Guilt Essay, Research Paper

This was an oral presentation, in which I prosecuted Macbeth. I received a grade

of A-, however was told that it was my actual presentation rather than my essay

that stopped me getting a higher grade Ladies and Gentlemen, I will be brief.

You have heard the testimonies and seen the evidence; it is now time for the

fate of Macbeth to be decided. Today you have met scores of witnesses testify,

under oath, the defendant?s entirely good and honest character, and have

pondered as to how the King of Scotland could commit such atrocities. However,

unmistakable evidence opposes such testimonies and proves beyond reasonable

doubt that the defendant Macbeth killed his King, Duncan the II of Scotland, his

life-long friend Banquo and Lady Macduff and her children. Over the last six

months we have seen Macbeth degrade from a fearless and heroic warrior to a

murderer, a conscious villain who felt extreme guilt after killing his King out

of pure greed and ambition. His servant, as testified, overheard Macbeth express

his guilt to his wife on the night of the murder. I am afraid to think what I

have done; Look on ?t again I dare not. Following his crowning at Scone,

King Macbeth hired three assassins to murder his long-time friend Banquo, in

order to protect his crown. It was after the murder of Banquo that Macbeth then

turned into an unmerciful, non-repentant tyrant. This man, once heralded a hero,

became the bane of Scotland and his people. The defense has tried to manipulate

facts to persuade you that Macbeth is not to blame for these murders and has

placed responsibility for these deaths on everyone from Lady Macbeth to the

witches, who occasionally conversed with the accused. You have heard testimonies

of the three witches, who told us of their encounters with Macbeth. What sort of

man would associate with such evil beings, and most of all, believe the nonsense

they foresee? The witches did not directly influence Macbeth to assassinate his

King, they only speculated as to what the future may hold and these predictions

ignited his overwhelming ambition to become King. These associations with the

witches bring serious doubts to the goodness of the defendant?s character.

Speculations that Lady Macbeth is responsible for Duncan?s murder have been

made by the defense. But blood found on this cloak hidden in Macbeth?s

quarters proves without doubt that it was Macbeth who actually committed the

murder. He is ultimately to blame. The accusations made by Macbeth?s lawyers

that Lady Macbeth pressured her husband to assassinate Duncan are irrelevant. It

is unthinkable that such a brave and valiant soldier could be so weak as to be

influenced by his wife to commit murder, unless he had already considered doing

it, or had something to gain from the death of Duncan, such as the throne of

Scotland. The defense has tried to convince you that Macbeth was insane at the

time of King Duncan?s murder. If he were not sane, would he have been seen as

such a well-loved and courageous soldier? Would he have been so respected by his

King to be honoured with the title of Thane of Cawdor, had he been ill at mind?

These notions themselves are insane! Macbeth was sane and rational at the time

of the murder. Yes, Macbeth did show signs of derangement a week after the

murder at the banquet, as testified by Ross, who attended the feast and

described to you the accused?s strange behaviour. Could an innocent man be

driven mad over a period of a week? It was his conscience, my friends, which

drove him insane! After the pre-meditated murders of Duncan and Banquo, the

pressures of being King, and the mounting guilt of the murders he had committed,

were increasing. Overheard by his servant, Macbeth said to his wife ?I am in

blood, Stepp?d in so far. The outlet for his rage was Lady Macduff and

her family. This pointless, and motiveless, massacre shows the cruelty and

immorality that has become a part of Macbeth. He did not stand to gain anything

from the deaths of these innocent people. No longer was he the honoured soldier,

or the compassionate King, but the brutal tyrant. We must stop making excuses

for this cold-hearted man. He was not influenced by his wife or witchcraft. He

was sane when he brutally murdered his King. He was influenced only by his

ambition and greed to become King; he was influenced by his selfishness and

hunger for power. From hero to heartless tyrant, this is the tragedy of Macbeth.

Ladies and Gentlemen, his time has come. Macbeth?s fate lies in your hands. I

trust that you will make the right judgment.

The Role of Guilt in Macbeth Essay Example

The Role of Guilt in Macbeth

Custom Student Mr. Teacher ENG 1001-04 24 January 2017

The Role of Guilt in Macbeth

In the story Macbeth fears what will happen to him in the life to come, with thoughts of an undetermined destiny which worry him while his evil deeds may come back to him. Mixed emotions run through Macbeth’s mind as he is mid-struck between Duncan’s fate. His uncertainty according to this matter builds upon his guilt of the thought of betraying his friends trust. Towards the end of his soliloquy, he begins to use vocabulary that describe and display the image of heavens in the after-life.

Will plead like angels, trumpet-tongued… ” Macbeth’s speech appears to be delivered in a steady manner, showing his thoughts are flowing endlessly about the assassination. There are three examples that show this the best. One is, just after the murder of the great King, Duncan. Guilt overcomes Macbeth where he can no longer think straight. A second example is soon after that, where all the guilt Macbeth feels at first, changes into hate after he decides that Banquo must be killed as well.

The last example is just about at the end of the play, when we see Lady Macbeth sleepwalking, and then later committing suicide; this all because of the burden of her guilt. All of these examples build the proof that in this play, guilt plays a very large role in the characters’ lives. It all began after the murder of Duncan, when Macbeth returns to his room to join his wife. As any person would be, Macbeth is very shaken by his wrong act. As soon as Act III is set up, we see Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and Banquo having a nice friendly conversation.

Macbeth was already crowned king, and a dinner was planned for that night. Banquo was to be the “guest of honor”. Macbeth was already conspiring his friend’s death. Guilt seems to play a motivating role when he says, “Things bad begun make strong themselves by ill” What he is referring to, is his guilt; if you do something bad once, it will bother you. If you do it again, it will bother you less. If you keep doing it, it will eventually stop bothering you completely.

He also admits, (that one time only) in the scene, that after killing Duncan, his morals and guilt were poisoned and used to motivate him to commit more murderous crimes. Perhaps one of the strongest evidence that shows guilt is how it affected Lady Macbeth. After the absence of a story line for most of the play, Act V begins by re-entering Lady Macbeth; this time though, she is not at all the woman we were first introduced to. It begins with a discussion between a doctor and a very worried gentlewoman about the failing health of the lady herself.

Just as we learn that she has begun to sleepwalk every night, Lady Macbeth comes in, doing just that. She starts to rub her arms, in a washing motion and says, “Out damned spot! Out, I say! ” and, “…Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him? ” The word blood, is really a metaphor for the enormous guilt she feels and her action, in trying to get rid of the guilt by “washing” and rubbing it away. In the second quote, the “old man” represents, King Duncan. Who would have known that killing the king carried so much guilt?

Her sleepwalking continues as she talks about the death of Lady Macduff. “The thane of Fife had a wife. Where is she now? What, will these hands ne’er be clean? ” After the continuous rubbing motion, Lady Macbeth cries out, “Here’s the smell of blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. ” She realizes that nothing could ever get rid of the smell of the blood and the guilt caused by all the murders committed by Macbeth. It’s also shown here that she feels fully responsible for every person killed by her husband.

Just several scenes later, Lady Macbeth commits suicide. What’s the reason? It was just a buildup of all the guilt. The quotes and explanations used throughout this essay, built up proof that guilt played a big role as the motivation for Macbeth and guilty feelings were brought out through the characters’ actions and responses, until the very fatal end. Guilt is a very strong and uncomfortable feeling. It can result though, in many good things, and just as easily into bad things. This is what happened throughout this story.

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Guilt in Shakespeare s Macbeth

Macbeth's Guilt

Updated September 11, 2016.

In Macbeth . guilt is an important theme because it softens Macbeth’s ambition and callousness. His brutality is balanced by his guilt – a quality that enables the audience to identify with Macbeth throughout the play despite his tyranny.

Macbeth: Guilt

Macbeth’s guilt prevents him from fully enjoying his ill gotten gains. At the start of the play he is described as a hero and this quality is still present even in his darkest moments.

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Shakespeare suggests this idea by engendering Macbeth with a strong sense of guilt.

For example, Macbeth is visited by the ghost of Banquo, who he murdered to protect his secret. The apparition embodies Macbeth’s guilt and therefore causes Macbeth to nearly reveal the truth about King Duncan’s murder.

However, Macbeth’s guilt is not enough to discourage him from murder. This perhaps indicates a lack of morality – Macbeth’s key character failing.

Lady Macbeth’s Guilt

Lady Macbeth is the driving force behind her husband’s actions.

In fact, Macbeth’s strong sense of guilt suggests that he would not have realized his ambitions without Lady Macbeth there to encourage him.

Unlike Macbeth’s conscious guilt, Lady Macbeth’s guilt is subconsciously expressed through her dreams. By presenting her guilt in this way Shakespeare is perhaps suggesting that we are unable to escape guilt for wrongdoing.

By the end of the play Lady Macbeth’s guilt becomes untenable and she eventually kills herself. Evidently, the intensity of her guilt and shame was stronger than anything she consciously conveyed.

How Ambition Causes Macbeth’s Downfall