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Microeconomics � Perfect Competition - Custom Essay Blog

Microeconomics � Perfect Competition

Perfect competition is a microeconomic model, to the most common traits of which belong the following: � a large amount of small producers (sellers) of a homogenous product; � a large amount of consumers; � both consumers and producers can not influence the price on their own; � mobility of all resources; � operational costs are zero; � equilibrium price (determined by the intersection of supply and demand curves); � lack of barriers to enter or exit from the market .
Under conditions of perfect competition the price is equal to marginal revenue and, in its turn, marginal revenue is equal to marginal costs.
When a company looses money, then it is time to decide whether to continue operating on the market or to shut down. In order to make a right decision it is necessary to analyze total revenue and total costs (fixed and variable). As far as the fixed costs are equal whether the company operates or shut down, variable costs are equal to variable. So if the price per product unit is less than the costs per product unit it means that total revenue (quantity of product multiplied by price) is less than total costs (fixed plus variable) and the company should shut down. Of course, if total revenue is larger than total costs the company should continue operating. When total costs are equal to total revenue � it is called the shut down price and it does not matter for company whether to shut down or operate further.

In the long-run companies receive zero economic profit and thus other companies are not interested in entering the market (it means that market participants completely satisfy the demand). But if the demand suddenly increases � the prices would increase too and thus new participants would enter the market until the price won�t become equilibrium.
In practice, perfect competition does not exist as others. This model is abstracts and describes the market in general terms. As the most common example there is used local agriculture sector: there are many producers and consumers, the price is close to equilibrium, there are not enter or exit barriers; but operating costs can not be zero because it takes time, efforts and some costs to sell the product; resources are not absolutely mobile.
I would like to introduce my own example and explain why do I think it is quite suitable one: e-trading. Trading through the Internet is very popular now � there are many sellers and consumers, there is no any serious obstacles or barriers to enter or leave the market, if to take more precise example � books e-trading � than the product becomes quite homogenous, the price level is quite close to equilibrium and producers can not seriously influence it nor can customers, resources are quite mobile (especially information � there are plenty of resources in the Internet), transaction cost are quite low (but not zero of course). If the average price of the product, book in our case, is larger than average variable cost, costs on selling and delivering book in our case, then the company receives profit and it can be said that it operates successfully (in the long run there will occur incentives to enter the market); inside out some companies, most probably, would leave the market and may be try to sell something else.
Finally, I would like to conclude that perfect competition is quite abstract microeconomic model, which describes market under the certain conditions (which can not be absolutely met in practice, but can be met close enough). But this model gives good economic basis for firms to think in advance about their operational activities or business decisions.

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Microeconomics: A Brief History

Microeconomics: A Brief History

As early as the 18th century, economists were studying the decision-making processes of consumers, a principal concern of microeconomics. Swiss mathematician Nicholas Bernoulli (1695-1726) proposed an extensive theory of how consumers make their buying choices in what was perhaps the first written explanation of how this often mysterious and always complex process works.

According to Bernoulli's theory, consumers make buying decisions based on the expected results of their purchases. Consumers are assumed to be rational thinkers who are able to forecast with reasonable accuracy the hopefully satisfactory consequences of what they buy. They select to purchase, among the choices available, the product or service they believe will provide maximum satisfaction or well-being.

For some 200 years beginning in the mid-1700s, the dominant economic theory was Adam's Smith's laissez-faire (French for "leave alone" or "let do") approach to the economy, which advocated a government hands-off policy regarding free markets and the machinery of capitalism. The laissez-faire theory argues that an economy functions best when the "invisible hand " of self-interest is allowed to operate freely, without government intervention.

Smith and Marshall
Scottish-born Smith (1723-1790) wrote in his book, "Wealth of Nations," that if the government does not tamper with the economy, a nation's resources will be most efficiently used, free-market problems will correct themselves and a country's welfare and best interests will be served. (For further reading on Adam Smith see, Adam Smith: the Father of Economics .)

Smith's views on the economy prevailed through two centuries, but in the late 19th and early 20the century, the ideas of Alfred Marshall (1842-1924), a London-born economist, had a major impact on economic thought.

In Marshall's book, "Principles of Economics, Vol. 1." published in 1890, he proposed, as Bernoulli had three centuries earlier, the study of consumer decision making. Marshall proposed a new idea as well - the study of specific, individual markets and firms, as a means of understanding the dynamics of economics. Marshall also formulated the concepts of consumer utility, price elasticity of demand and the demand curve, all of which will be discussed in the following chapter.

At the time of Marshall's death, John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946), who would become the most influential economist of the 20th century starting in the 1930s, was already at work on his revolutionary ideas about government management of the economy.

Born in Cambridge, England, Keynes' contributions to economic theory have guided the thinking and policy-making of central bankers and government economists for decades, both globally and in the U.S. (To learn more see, Can Keynesian Economics Reduce Boom-Bust Cycles? )

So much of U.S. monetary policy. the setting of key interest rates, government spending to stimulate the economy, support of private enterprise through various measures, tax policy and government borrowing through the issuance of Treasury bonds. bills and notes, have been influenced by the revolutionary ideas of Keynes, which he introduced in his books and essays.

What all these concepts had in common was their advocacy of government management of the economy. Keynes advocated government intervention into free markets and into the general economy when market crises warranted, an unprecedented idea when proposed during the Great Depression. (For more on this read, What Caused The Great Depression? )

Government spending to stimulate an economy, a Keynesian idea, was used during the Depression to put unemployed people to work, thus providing cash to millions of consumers to buy the country's products and services. Most of Keynes' views were the exact opposites of Adam Smith's. An economy, for optimum functioning, must be managed by government, Keynes wrote. (For related reading, see The Federal Reserve .)

Thus was born the modern science of macroeconomics – the big picture view of the economy – evolving in large part from what came to be called Keynesian economic theory. These are among the tools of microeconomics, and their principles, along with others, are still employed today by economists who specialize in this area.

Keynes' policies, to varying degrees, have been, and continue to be, employed with generally successful results worldwide in almost all modern capitalist economies. If and when economic problems occur, many economists often attribute them to some misapplication or non-application of a Keynesian principle.

Microeconomic Renaissance
While Keynesian economic theory was being applied in most of the world's major economies, the new concept of microeconomics, pioneered by Marshall, was also taking hold in economic circles. The study of smaller, more focused aspects of the economy, which previously were not given major importance, was fast becoming an integral part of the entire economic picture. (For further information on past economists, read How Influential Economists Changed Our History .)

Microeconomics had practical appeal to economists because it sought to understand the most basic machinery of an economic system: consumer decision-making and spending patterns, and the decision-making processes of individual businesses.

The study of consumer decision-making reveals how the price of products and services affects demand, how consumer satisfaction – although not precisely measurable – works in the decision-making process, and provides useful information to businesses selling products and services to these consumers.

The decision-making processes of a business would include how much to make of a certain product and how to price these products to compete in the marketplace against other similar products. The same decision-making dynamic is true of any business that sells services rather than products.

Although economics is a broad continuum of all the factors - both large and small - that make up an economy, microeconomics does not take into direct account what macroeconomics considers.

Macroeconomics is concerned principally with government spending, personal income taxes. corporate taxes, capital gains taxes and other taxes; the key interest rates set by the Federal Reserve, the banking system and other economic factors such as consumer confidence, unemployment or gross national product, which may influence the entire economy. (For more on macroeconomics read, Macroeconomic Analysis .)

Economics, like all sciences, is continually evolving, with new ideas being introduced regularly, and old ideas being refined, revised, and rethought.

Utility Theory
Some 200 years after Bernoulli's theory was first introduced, it was expanded upon by Hungarian John von Neumann (1903-1957), and Austrian Oskar Morgenstern (1920-1976). A more detailed and nuanced theory than Bernoulli's and Marshall's emerged from their collaboration, which they called utility theory. The theory was elaborated in their book, "Theory of Games and Economic Behavior," published in 1944.

In the 1950s, Herbert A. Simon (1916-2001), a 1978 Nobel Memorial Prize-winner in economics, introduced a simpler theory of consumer behavior called "satisficing". The satisficing theory contends that when consumers find what they want, they then abandon the quest and decision-making processes, and buy the product or service which seems to them as "good enough." (For more on the Nobel Memorial Prize, read Nobel Winners Are Economic Prizes .)

And so the history of microeconomics continues to unfold, awaiting perhaps another Bernoulli, Adam Smith, Alfred Marshall, or John Maynard Keynes, to provide it with some new, revolutionary ideas.

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Microeconomics research papers

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Microeconomics Mod4Case Paper by

Microeconomics Mod4Case

Advantages of supply chain management over traditional competitive procurement processes

One is cost advantage. Companies that have implemented supply chain management have a 45 supply chain cost advantage over their competitors. Price of raw materials and end product are optimized due to collaboration between two parties. The sharing of vital information in the early stage of development. and the effective communication of methods and requirements allows parties within the supply chain to effectively benefit each other in terms of cost

Another is faster time to market. Companies met their promised delivery

br dates 17 faster than their competition. Through early information and forecast. suppliers can also efficiently design their production and implementation process through collaboration. This allows supplier to reduce the lead time to produce their products within the supply chain

Disadvantages of supply chain management over traditional competitive procurement processes

First is the difficulty of maintaining supply chain relationship. Supply chain relationships are probably the most fragile and the most susceptible to breaking down. This is because a poor relationship at any part of the supply chain can cause major problems to the entire supply chain. In today 's global market. the customers have the power over the suppliers. Everyone else in the supply chain must quickly satisfy the demands or else face the possibility of loosing them

Another disadvantage is the need to share vital information for collaboration purposes which leaves a company vulnerable to illegal copying of ideas or methods. Although these can be safeguarded by proper agreement between parties. but the forces of market competition may compel violations of agreement intentionally or unintentionally

If supply chain management is actually a superior way of managing procurement and production. how (if at all ) does that modify any of the economic `big ideas` we examined in Module 1

Supply Chain Management plays a major role in the concept of supply and demand. With parties closely related through collaboration. the identification of demand which is needed by the suppliers to support the collaborative company is easy. allowing suppliers to maximize profit given the level of demand. On the side of the collaborative company. the control of supply of raw materials is easy. which again would allow them to optimize profit

Ferguson. B (2000. Implementing Supply Chain Management. Retrieved December 3. 2006 from HYPERLINK "http /www .helpguide .org /mental /stress_signs .htm http /www .apsreview .com /archive /spring2004 /images /APICS .pdf

See Implementing Supply Chain Management at http /www .apsreview .com /archive /spring2004 /images /APICS .pdf

See Implementing Supply Chain Management at http /www .apsreview .com /archive /spring2004 /images /APICS .pdf

See Implementing Supply Chain Management at http /www .apsreview .com /archive /spring2004 /images /APICS .pdf.

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