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Crito Essay, Research Paper

While awaiting his execution in prison, Socrates was confronted by his friend Crito, and given an opportunity to escape. Crito offered a multitude of reasons to support his proposal, however Socrates refused to leave on the basis of four premises:- One must never do wrong, even in return for wrong.- It is wrong to break a just agreement.- The agreement between the laws of Athens and its citizens is just because all citizens are allowed two alternatives to obeying the laws.- Leaving would constitute breaking the agreement.Supported my these four premises, Socrates claimed that escaping from prison would be morally wrong. In this essay I will analyze Socrates argument and, in the absence of flaws, prove that his decision was morally correct. Although premises two and four are self supporting and not debatable, Socrates first and third claims can be challenged in many ways. I will discuss, dissect and disprove such objections. I his conversation with Crito, Socrates stated that One should never do wrong in return, nor injure any man, whatever injury one has suffered at his hands. (49, d). This is clearly true, however it can be argued that, due to his innocence, Socrates escape would not constitute a wrong doing and therefore not contradict his statement. To determine whether or not Socrates innocence would allow him break the law without doing wrong, one must understand the function and significance of Athens laws. The law is designed to maintain order within the city, a feature that Athens was famous for. As Socrates says as he speaks on behalf of his city: …do you think it possible for a city not to be destroyed if the verdicts of its courts have no force but are nullified by private individuals. (50, b). By this rational, Socrates escape would harm both the laws and the city that they support and therefore be morally wrong. Furthermore, Socrates was offered a opportunity to leave the city rather than argue for his freedom in a court of law. Socrates rejected this opportunity and agreed to put his fate in the hands of an Athenian jury. This brings us to the question of whether or not Socrates agreement to live under and by the laws of Athens was just.

This city of Athens leaves its citizens three options regarding their interaction with the laws. Citizens are allowed to either obey the laws, leave the city, or challenge the laws and appeal to city officials in an attempt to amend the law. According to Socrates claim in The Apology Athens city officials are corrupt, and it is debatable that Athens does not truly offer its citizens the option of challenging the laws and therefore, its agreement with Socrates was unjust. This claim does hold merit, however it does not apply to Socrates situation. Socrates was charged with not believing in the Greek gods and corrupting the youth yet, when given the chance to argue his case in court, the question at hand was not whether or not the laws that he was accused of breaking were valid, but rather, whether or not the charges placed against him were valid. In addition to this, Socrates had never opposed these law nor attempted to amend them, therefore the corruption of Athens lawmakers or law-changers is irrelevant to Socrates case. I have given proof that breaking out of prison would have negative consequences towards Athens and all of its citizens. I have also shown evidence that Socrates agreement with Athens was both just and voluntary. Based on this, it is only logical to conclude that Socrates premises were valid and unquestionable, therefore, by refusing Crito s offer, Socrates made the morally corr

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DKBJ s MCLA Handouts: CR3: Creating a CRITO Outline

CR3: Creating a CRITO Outline

CRITO (formed acronymically from the terms Conclusion, Reasons, Inference, Truth, and Objections) addresses both the principled reason assessment and critical attitude components of critical thinking, by requiring students to assess critically (carefully, impartially, consistently, logically, accurately, and relatively autonomously) their beliefs or claims. The individual elements of CRITO mirror the essential components of any cogent or sound inference and provide an effective outline for an argumentative or evaluative essay.

Creating a CRITO Outline

C. State conclusion (or claim) (C). (C) ought to be explicit and clear, particular or singular, important and substantive (the object of possible or actual debate), truthful and accurate, and of genuine interest to the student.

R. State reasons (R), premises, or evidence, sufficient to convince the reader of the truth (accuracy, reasonableness, and so on) of (C).

I. Test the inference (I), or argument, to ensure that reasons are sufficient to produce (C).

T. Test the truth (T) of (R), since even a valid or strong argument (that is, a valid or strong argument that passes the (I) test) may contain any number of false parts. Only the best (deductively sound or inductively cogent) arguments pass both the (I) and the (T) tests.

O. Construct the strongest imaginable objection(s) (O) to the argument. Finally, respond to the objection(s), making any necessary revisions to the original argument.

Therefore, a complete CRITO outline should look something like this and fit easily on one page:

C: Central claim of essay (one sentence).
R: All reasons or evidence required to defend C (one sentence for each R).
O: Strongest imaginable objection(s) to C (one sentence for each O).
RO: Response to the objection (one sentence for each RO).

(Note: There will typically be 2-3 R's and at times more than one O.)

Relation of CRITO Outline to Final Essay/Q&A
A CRITO outline produces merely the rough content for an essay, the exact form of which ought to follow the guidelines for producing critical/persuasive essays (see handout CR2 ) and will be determined by the effort, talent, and imagination of its author. (Note: only the content of stages C, R, and O will be noticeable in both the outline and final essay. I and T are logical tests designed solely to strengthen the overall argument of the essay.)

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Crito Essay Research Paper SocratesSocrates has thoroughly

Crito Essay, Research Paper

SocratesSocrates has thoroughly justified his own decision to obey the opinions of the majority andserve out the sentence that his own city has deemed appropriate for his crimes. At the beginningof this piece, Socrates has presented a period of questions and answers through dialogue withCrito. Throughout the dialogue Socrates is explaining his reasoning for not running from thegovernment. Crito does not understand the madness of Socrates, Crito will do whatever it takesto help his friend to flee, instead of being exiled by the government. AI do not think that whatyou are doing is right, to give up your life when you can save it, and to hasten your fate as yourenemies would hasten it, and indeed have hastened it in their wish to destroy you.@(Crito p.58c) Throughout the begining of the dialog, Crito is expressing his feelings of why he believesSocrates should flee from the city. Crito makes many valid points on why he disagrees withSocrates decision to bare this misfortune. Crito offers to do on not fleeingbeing majorintsexpressing to Socrates, that a man as courageous as Socrates and who has lived his life throughvirtue. AYou seem to me to choose the easiest path, whereas one should choose the path a goodand courageous man would choose, particularly when one claims throughout one=s life to carefor virtue.@(Crito p.59d) Through the dialogue the questions and answers within Socrates andCrito establish to major themes in which hold true throughout the work. The first being that aperson must decide whether the society in which one lives has a just reasoning behind it=s ownstandards of right and wrong. The second being, that a person must have pride in the life that heor she leads. In establishing basic questions of these two concepts, Socrates has precluded hisown circumstance and attempted to prove to his companion Crito, that the choice that he hasmade is just. AI am the kind of man who listens only to the argument that on reflection seems bestto me. I cannot, now that this fate has come upon me, discard the arguments I used; they seen tome much the same.@(Crito p.59b) The introduction of this work has also provided the conceptthat it is our society or majority that has dictated what is considered virtuous action. According toSocrates we have been given every opportunity to reject our society and renounce what it hasstood for and against. ANot one of our laws raises any obstacle or forbids him, if he is notsatisfied with us or the city, if one of you wants to go and live in a colony or wants to goanywhere else, and keep his property.@ (Crito p.63d) Socrates states; that making a consciouschoice or effort to remain under the influence of a society is an unconscious agreement with thatsociety to live your life by it=s standards and virtues. Socrates states after establishing his own agreement with his city=s virtues that hebelieves in the validity of the decision imposed upon himself. He states that his decision isjustified by the fact that the laws and governing agents of the society must command a certaindegree of respect. Any person who would unjustly disobey these laws creates a deliberate attemptto destroy them, as well as, the society which has imposed them. For example; AHowever, thatwhoever of you remains when he sees how we conduct our trials and manage the city in otherways, has in fact come to an agreement with us to obey our instructions.@ (Crito p.63e) If thedecisions of the city=s governing agents are not thoroughly respected as just and cohesive partsof society, the very structure by which the society stands is subject to collapse. If a person isfound to be in violation of what his or her society stands for and does not accept theconsequences for his or her actions, then there can not be a system of law in place to create order.A You must either persuade it or obey its orders, and endure in silence whatever it instructs youto endure, whether blows or bonds, and if it leads you into war or be wounded or killed you mustobey.@(Crito p.63b) The society in which a person lives creates a mutual relationship in whichevery person in that society is indebted to, if he or she willingly accepts that society for their own. Following along these basic concepts, Socrates then adapts them to his own circumstancesCrito, his companion. has presented to Socrates. The option to escape from his captors andrenounce their decision on his fate. Socrates view in Crito=s suggestion to escape is one inwhich Crito begins to understand. Socrates suggests. AI mean the majority of men. For us,however, since our argument leads to this, the only valid consideration is whether we should beacting rightly in giving with the escape, or whether in truth we shall do wrong in doing all this.@(Crito p.61c) Socrates has concluded that if he were to follow Crito=s advice he would becommitting several wrong actions against a society in which he calls his own. The first of thesebeing his own forebears. To disobey your own society, according to Socrates, is to betray what you were taught to

be right by the virtues of your own parents. And what they held to be true, your fore fathersbrought you into a society that they believed to be profound and just. AIs your wisdom such asnot to realize that your country is to be honored more then your mother, your father, and all yourancestors, that is more to be revered and more sacred, and that it counts for more among the godsand sensible men, that you must worship it, yield to it and placate it=s anger@.(Crito p.63b) Torenounce these virtues would be a disgrace. ADo you think you have the right to retaliationagainst your country and it=s law? That if we undertake to destroy you and think it right to do soyou can undertake to destroy us@(Critop. p.63b), you who truly cares for virtue. This would bea disgrace against your own families legacy and the dreams that they hold for you, and yourfuture. Society, in the day of Socrates has only requested for two things in return for thefulfillment and prophesizing of morally correct virtue The choice has been made very clear, toeither persuade society that it has acted unjustly, or to do as society has asked without hindranceor complaint. The person who has disobeyed according to Socrates has done neither one. @Wesay that the one who disobeys does wrong in three ways, first, because in us he disobeys hisparents, also those who brought him up, and in spite of his agreement, he neither obeys us nor, ifwe do something wrong does he try to persuade us to do better@. (Crito p.63e) This person onlyserves to justify their own decisions, actions, and foregoes the utterances of those who gave themthe life they have renounced. Socrates then states that by remaining a member of your society, you have in fact acceptedthe society as your own. He uses himself as the only example and states that by living in his owncity and choosing that city to raise a family. Socrates states, ADid you choose us and agree to bea citizen under us. Also, you have had children in this city, thus showing that it was congenial toyou. Then your trial you could have assessed your penalty at exile if you wished, and you are nowattempting to do against the cit=s wishes what you could have done with her consent. He has infact been satisfied by the same values that his city has held dear. To disobey his society in itsdecision against himself would be to renounce what his city has accomplished both for himself andits other residents. Socrates needs and must hold his head up with pride in knowing that he wasnot hypocritical in his decision. The agreement that he made within his city to obey the laws tolive as a good citizen makes the thought of exile shameful and therefore unacceptable. ANot beingsentenced to death, and fleeing. Awill also strengthen the conviction of the jury that they passedthe right sentence on you, for anyone who destroys the laws could easily be thought to corruptthe young and the ignorant.@ 64)Upon establishing the basic concept of right and wrong at the introduction to the pieceSocrates has created an argument that he can not consider to be unjust. Running away from thedecision that his own society has made would be an affirmation of his own guilt in the of hisfamily and peers. Even though he may have been wrongly imprisoned and sentenced to death, heholds very little value in the belief that two wrongs can achieve a justifiable pardon in society Hehas firmly stood before his own value system and society=s beliefs, and has presented his ownopinions on how he believes has been right in his actions, These affirmations of his ownconviction to a law abiding community have led him to an unshaking belief that to ruin all of thework that he has accomplished. He would consequently made himself a traitor and guilty in allprolonging eyes. Socrates has very carefully and thoughtfully consented to what his own city has deemed tobe righteous and justified. His thoughts on his destiny are completely unselfish, as his only wish isto preserve the society around him which has accepted him and his family for so many years. Hehas indignantly renounced the idea of self preservation and any attempt to escape because of thepotential harm and damage that it ultimately will cause. The disgrace of thought as he beingguilty would force all that he has forged to hide in exile from the wrath of the society which hehas protected. Socrates has succeeded in justifying his actions by showing how devastating hisdisobedience could possibly be. In considering all of the points that he has made in the defense ofhis decision. Socrates can maintain his own pride, and sense of right and wrong. He has shownothers, such as Crito. There is a certain satisfaction in maintaining ones own innocence while notaccepting a hollow victory for one may possibly last for many society=s yet to come. By maintaining a harmony between what is right and the expression of a persons ownopinions he has made possible the ultimate truth, the belief in what has worked and staying withinthe boundaries of decent and god fearing society. The laws of the society in which Socrates livedcondemned him to die for his own conviction and the reasons for Socrates to remain and acceptthe punishments of that society have proved to be wise and justified.

Plato crito essays

Plato crito essays

Plato Essay - Socrates; Crito By Eric Shapiro - Spring 2012 - GO 103 Superficially, Plato s two works, Apology of Socrates and Crito, seem to present vastly Posted by beckyclay | October 11, 2010 In the selected passage from Plato s Crito, Socrates makes contradictory and unclear claims regarding his argument for The Crito essays The dialogue of The Crito, by Plato, recounts the last days of Socrates, immediately before his execution was going to take place in Athens
LIFE IN A HI-TECH SOCIETY America is the first republic in essays the world. Detailed 5 Paragraph Essay Outline . They announced their independence by essays. the �Declaration of Independence� in july 4th 1776. They announced their philosophy as: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and criteria the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of plato crito essays. these ends, it is the right of the fluid essays . people to alter or to plato crito abolish it, and to institute a new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness."1 And now they are the super power of the world. Technology has a very important role in this progress of America. They invest a lot of money for 5 paragraph essay outline . technological developments. Crito. I think America is an aqa excellent example to plato crito understand the importance of technology for a society. But despite all the ocr gcse . progress in economics, military so on, American Society is plato crito essays. not an dissertation ideal society. They have a lot of social problems which they can�t prevent. Plato Crito Essays. Although America is the squire . super power of the world by its hi-tech, they still can�t solve all their problems. Plato Crito. So is it enough for a society to be strong in economics, world policy or military, to be happy? A Short Review of American Progress: From a nation of english . farmers, the United States was changed by the usage of the machinery and progress in plato production with the Industrial Revolution. Since the 1870s America is the manufacturing leader of the world and citizenship coursework aqa leads the world in the production of steel, automobiles and plato other products. Thesis Statements . By the 1990s, many advances were made in chemistry, electronics and biotechnology and essays produced goods from semiconductor circuits to.

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"I also provided information in the form of brochures and handouts about other such organizations that could assist in the needs of their own schools. Which finally means, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, crito argument essay topics, 2009, 2012 Old English gast "soul, spirit, life, breath; good or bad spirit, angel, demon," from Proto-Germanic ghoizdoz (cf. Write Stories. Your method of development will depend on the purpose of your paragraph. Hours per week 20-40 depending on work load.

What support does the author give for herfindings. List all the facts you have that can support your idea. This is critical. Mba Admission Essay Writing Services Edmonton. Choose a Thanksgiving-related word and use it to crito argument essay topics an acrostic. While success for some freelance writers requires a degree in English or journalism, but must be original and your work. 50) - Health - 3 articles a month ( 7. There is also more likely to be a recurring theme in your mind. While there is an upper word or character limit, this doesn to meet that limit.

Next you have to work out what you think makes an interesting story. Dialogue - (moves the story forward; reveals the characters) - Is the dialogue adequate for the scene. Grab the embed codes and add these videos to your blogs or web sites.

These constant separations were hard her, I was really unsatisfied with crito argument essay topics way things were going. The rationale is that they are simply not reputable or knowledgeable sources. A system could be put in place that fortuitously addresses another critical problem-the underemployment of medical writers, crito argument essay topics, possessing academic training and experience without opportunities to use them, are all dressed up intellectually with no place to go.

Request for Proposals Call …Bright Hub Education Creative Writing Prompts to Learn About Students slide 1 of 1 Creative Writing to Learn about Students The true personalities of middle school students can be found through writing. It makes sense to give a word count at the end of the abstract. Customize everything, plus resume preparation and find a detailed posts. Education and its importance in the developing of a country. For a general introduction to poetry et lamer et lamour marbeuf explication essay the Anthology with extensive guidance for students and teachers, then please see the Introduction crito argument essay topics the Anthology by clicking on the link below.

Buy essay. After graduating in the. This gives you a firm foundation and outline for your book that can help guide your progress. Essays hold great importance in the arenas of publishing, says regulator The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is to further review charges paid by long-standing customers of six life crito argument essay topics providers in order to ensure that those customers are being treated "fairly". " English Journal (April 1978): 40-43.

Whether gaps in your reasoning. Furthermore, the final paragraph makes crito argument essay topics extraneous, unsupported assertions of its own. An adoption scheme was developed by combining question responses into an index. Extracted data from trials should, when available, include report of randomization method, study population, intervention methods and delivery.

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