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Lcvp My Own Place Example Essay - 1193 Words

Lcvp My Own Place Example

My Own Place

Map showing location of Killbrittain

1. Introduction
Kilbrittain or Killbrittain (Irish: Cill Briotáin, meaning "Britton's church") is the name of a village, townland and parish in County Cork, Ireland. The village lies about 5 miles (8.0 km) southwest of Bandon, and near Clonakilty and Kinsale. The coastal route around the edge of the parish is the R600. The village itself is around 1.5 kilometres inland from the coast.

Today is a thriving community. The town boasts about is huge succession in the past and to date in G.A.A and hurling. They have one the county final four times in a row undefeated by any opponent. The sports clubs offer a wide range of activties for people and is open to new members to join the G.A.A team and the hurling team freely. The town has many historical sites. It can be seen seen from the North (present day main entrance), atop the hill from the South, then from the North West through the old Church and Graveyard and finally the ruined lodge house, or sentry post (of which there are two) at the former entrance to the Castle from the South. The Castle is thought to date from 1035 where the original fortress may have been built by the O'Mahony Clan. Known to have been in the hands of de Courceys and possibly extended in the 13th Century, Kilbrittain Castle is said to have been the principal seat of MacCarthy Reagh from the early 15th century. The Castle was extensively restored and enlarged by the Stawell family in the 18th and 19th centuries, it was partially burned in 1920 and restored in 1969 by inventor Russell Winn. Kilbrittain Castle is now the home of the Cahill-O'Brien family. Historical Sites

Kilbrittain Castle
It can be seen seen from the North (present day main entrance), atop the hill from the South, then from the North West through the old Church and Graveyard and finally the ruined lodge house, or sentry post (of which there are two) at the former entrance to the Castle from the South. The Castle is thought to date from 1035 where the original fortress may have been built by the O'Mahony Clan. Known to have been in the hands of de Courceys and possibly extended in the 13th Century, Kilbrittain Castle is said to have been the principal seat of MacCarthy Reagh from the early 15th century. The Castle was extensively restored and enlarged by the Stawell family in the 18th and 19th centuries, it was partially burned in 1920 and restored in 1969 by inventor Russell Winn. Kilbrittain Castle is now the home of the Cahill-O'Brien family.

The ruins of Kilbrittain Church
Thought to have been intact and possibly still in use around 1615, although in ruins by 1699. The church is situated North East of Kilbrittain village in a rectangular graveyard on a South facing slope, the graveyard is still occasionally used. The ruined church and graveyard overlook the village to the South West.

The ruins of Gortnahorna House
Situated about 1km North West of Kilbrittain village on a South East facing slope. This two storey country house also had cellars and it was L-shaped in plan with approx seven bays. The second image shows the tall distinctive sidelights to the left and right of the main entrance doorway and first floor windows. The remains of a fireplace on the first floor can be seen left of centre. Apparently the house was burned during the War of Independence about 1920 and subsequently restored. Sometime around 1940 Gortnahorna House was stripped of its slate, stone and glass and thus began its fall into ruin. On the third image are the remains of some out offices, most likely stables, and finally the well preserved "Round Pillar", which once adorned the entrance to Barleyfield Estate. 

Aims & Scope of the Investigation
As an LCVP group we set out to investigate the local area under eight specific categories: 1. Heritage
2. Sources of Employment
3. Financial Institutions
4. The Provision of Social Services
5. Community Development Groups.

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A place of myown Everyone has the place of their own and so do I. But, the place of myown is not that big, majestic or magnificent and also it is not physical. It’s just a simple one. But, the story behind the place of myown is really mesmerizing. And I hope I will not be here anymore if anyone becomes to know my story. The story starts when I was born. But, I have no idea about my mom and dad till now because they left me since I was born. And I grew as a beggar. I didn’t know about respect, honesty, love, care and charity. Education and society had no meaning for me. The ones in my environment were really harsh, insolent and rude. They had no standard. Maybe I didn’t also have standard. And it was horrific to be beggar who couldn’t taste the real aspect of life. I told to myself that I hated my life a lot every night though I didn’t know what the word “hate” indeed meant. I didn’t like the cold winter night which made me freeze. I detested the people who humiliated and put down me. I didn’t want the time of starvation. I loathed the ones who took my savings and bullied me. Life was so severe for me to survive. I was sometimes about to give up. But, things completely changed when I was fifteen years old. I still remembered that day which I met.

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MyOwnPlace Report Optional Item (1000-1500 words) Suggested layout for a report on MyOwnPlace Title page Title This should clearly state that the document is a report on MyOwnPlace and identify the local area being investigated. Subtitle may be added to give greater detail. Authors name The intended audience For the attention of the LCVP coordinator and LCVP examiner Date of completion of the investigation (include year) Table of Contents This is a list of the main elements/sections of the report giving the page numbers on which they appear. All pages must be numbered. Introduction Brief description of the local area and indicates The scope of the investigation (i.e. what aspects of the local area are being investigated). Perhaps a sketch map showing the geographical location of the local area Aims/Objectives What the student set out to investigate and/or hoped to achieve through the activity. Numbered or bulleted list. The student may if he/she wishes, include both group and personal aims. Five objectives to ensure content and conclusions A personal objective ensures the Report is personalised. Research Methods A concise description of the different ways the student or group organised the.

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Filipino civil guards; the passion for gambling unchecked by the thought of duty and responsibility; the servility of the wealthy Filipino towards friars and government officials; the ridiculous efforts of Filipinos to dissociate themselves from their fellowmen or to lord it over them--all these are ridiculed and disclosed. Nevertheless, Rizal clearly implies that many of these failings are traceable to the misguided policy of the government and the questionable practices of the friars. TITLE: "Noli me tangere" is a Latin phrase that Rizal took from the Bible, meaning "Touch me not." In John 20:13-17, the newly-risen Christ says to Mary Magdalene: "Touch me not; I am not yet ascended to my Father, but go to my brethren, and say unto them I ascend unto my Father and your Father, and to my God and your God." STORY/CONTENT: The first of two canonical 19th-century novels, Noli Me Tangere revolves around Crisostomo Ibarra who, after a seven-year stay in Europe to study, comes home to his town of San Diego, brimming with the desire to contribute to the development of the townspeople. More specifically, as a reformist, he aims to make education accessible to more people. His idealism, however, cannot bear fruit because of insidious forces bent on destroying him. Ibarra learns that his father, Don Rafael, had been embroiled in a conflict with Padre Damaso, who eventually causes his humiliation and death. It is not only.

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Most simply a character is one of the persons who appear in the play, one of the dramatis personae (literally, the persons of the play). In another sense of the term, the treatment of the character is the basic part of the playwright's work. Conventions of the period and the author's personal vision will affect the treatment of character. Characters are also an element of any short story which usually has only a few characters in which they play an important role in the whole story and the events takes place . In the two short stories that I have read, I will discuss two characters and will explain the existence and effects of the characters in the story. In the short story “Sautu” which written by Subramani, the protagonist or the main character was Dhanpat. In here, the story describes more about the setting of Dhanpat’s community, Sautu as it focuses on the life of Dhanpat. The story focuses mainly on the emotional situation and social interactions of Dhanpat that later resulted in madness. The main character’s name itself depicts that it is of an Indian origin which holds true for the short story. The story relates to the loss of cultural value of the ex-indentured laborers rather girmityas as they feel dissociated in the environment of Sautu. Moreover, the social relationships of the protagonist, Dhanpat with the other Sautu community members accentuate the physical as well as the emotional difficulties that they come across in their everyday life. In.

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Abortion and MyOwn Thoughts John Harvell English 110U February 12, 1997 What would it be like to die so young and so fragile? What would it be like to kill something so young and so fragile? Abortion, in my definition, is the taking of a life. Now it is hard for me to sit here and type this paper when I know good and well that if my daughter or wife were ever raped I would want whatever was inside of them out -- immediately. I think that to take the life of an unborn just because the couple involved were too lazy to use contraceptives, is immature and quite horrid. In this informative paper, you as a reader will come to understand the facts on abortion and then understand where I stand. Let us begin. According to US Abortion data provided in 1995 by Planned Parenthood, there were 1.8 million first trimester abortions, 180 thousand second trimester abortions, and about four thousand required Hysterotomies. Now according to these figures we, as the United States, killed/aborted 1,984,000 fetus'. Sure we could keep down the increase in our population at this rate, but where would we be emotionally? Speaking from a "my " point of view, I wouldn't get to far. I enjoy children profusely and thinking that there are 1.9 million children less in the world every year sends shivers down my spine. But I guess you may say that it is not myplace to speak.

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MyOwn Understanding of Politics "A means by which individuals and interest groups compete to shape government's impact on society's problems and goals." Politics is easily defined. It is the concept behind the words that is more difficult to understand. Though politics is the primary method of communicating with government, this is not the only time politics are used. Immediate, individual interests, wants, and needs must be satisfied, as well as societal problems. The pursuit of interest is the purpose and initiation of political behavior. The moment an individual actively pursues an interest or works toward the completion of a goal, it is projected outside him. For example . a person is shopping for a car. The situation is no longer individual because he cannot achieve his goal of obtaining a new car alone; another person or dealership must make the car available to him. Because the person selling the car also has a goal, there is interplay of interests, and the implications of politics. Negotiation over a car, or anything of interest involves a distribution of attention from one side to another. Just as a car has a seller and a buyer, the government has different political parties, and each issue has a group for and against it. Gaining cooperation from the other side requires strategy. Tactics used range from peaceful, including persuasion and civil disobedience, to violent. But the expectation of reward and.

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one hand, the name "meander" recalls the twisting and turning path of theMaeander River in Asia Minor, and on the other hand, as Karl Kerenyi pointed out, "the meander is the figure of a labyrinth in linear form". Among some Italians, these patterns are known as Greek Lines. The design is common to the present-day in classicizing architecture. Greek Key The Greek Key motif or Greek Fret as a decorative border dates back before Christ and was used in ancient Egyptian civilizations. It was used as a decorative element with dates preceding ancient Greece by thousands of years. This rectilinear meander pattern stands the test of time in design and never goes out of style. The Greek Key has come back strong, and rugs with this pattern are my favorite. Neo-Classical Furniture In the visual arts Neoclassicism began around 1765 as a reaction against both the overtly dramatic Baroque and the frivolity of the Rococo; it represented a desire to return to the perceived "purity" of the arts of Ancient Rome. The excesses and hedonism of the eighteenth century in France led to public dissatisfaction and discontent, culminating in the French Revolution. For the revolutionaries Neoclassicism was a way of expressing their desire for a unified society embracing the stoic virtues of selflessness and loyalty. With the rise to power of Napoleon Bonaparte Neoclassicism looked instead to the pomp and power of the Roman Empire, embracing its strength, order and authority.

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For my interpretation of an ‘Inferno’ I would break up my hell into six circles or categories. Reserved in ring one would be for those who commit slander and gossip. This circle is for people who spent their life gossiping about others, failing to see their own flaws and thought they were better in the eyes of God as well as everyone else they encountered. They knew they were gossips but justified it in the sense of “concern for others” or “simply joking.” Circle two would be for Alcohol. Drinking (addiction/making it alcohol one’s God) would be a sin because you are under and influence and therefore being mastered by something other than God. This is the circle for people who chose for alcohol to be their God. Not everyone here is an alcoholic but a person that turned to alcohol when they should have turned to God. They used drinking and alcohol to bring them joy. People need a sense in their lives of not always having to be in complete control and for these people that sense was alcohol. They chose to give up their control to by being under the influence, instead of letting God be their influence. This caused them to make choices that came from their own sinful nature instead of choices that came from the guidance of the Holy Spirit within us. I do not necessarily think all drinking is sinful, but for the purpose of this paper, and the sense that I am referring to it in, it is. My third circle.

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My Own Story Essay Examples

My Own Story Essay Examples

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Some people say that with the birth of a new life someone must go with god to take its place and in the past few years Ive had my fair share births and deaths. In the past few years I have also learned a lot of things about myself and the type of family I come from to better appreciate the new support system I have found in.

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Personally I don’t share in the concern that people might be able to find information about me online, and unless you’re a criminal of some sort I don’t think you will find much reason to either. Like many new things in technology people often tend vilify them before taking the time to truly try and understand what it is an.

Physician- Assisted Suicide is not usually something that crosses our
minds day to day, that is, until we are faced with a situation that
could be easily solved by this controversial issue. Physician- Assisted
Suicide, for instance, is where a patient goes to their physician,
asking for assistance in ending the patient's li.

Yes, today is the day, Today is my day, I’m going to be me today. I’m off and away to starting my day. With sparrows are chirping, the sun is smiling, I know it’ll be a great day. With a cap on my head, pair of DC on my feet, I start roaming down the street. I’m all on my own and know what I need to know And decide.

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A Child of My Own

A Child of My Own

Essay A Child of My Own and over other 27,000+ free term papers, essays and research papers examples are available on the website!

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The two sets of characters that I will choose is Buki and the mother of Neta. Buki in the story is a young lesbian where she and her mom are very close but not her dad. As the story goes Buki wanted to have a child of her own, but if she wanted this to happen, she need to have an affair with her opposite sex but this would not happen, because she is a lesbian. In search for an answer to her problem she tried the artificial insemination where she would only get semen injected on through her by a donation by a random male so that she could be pregnant to have a baby. As she told this to her mother, she did not like it at first but as Buki explained her the reasons she wanted to this, her mother decided to support her on what she wants. Towards the end of the story her mother and her dad got along in a talk where for the first time in their marriage they did not fight. As her mother told her dad about this she thought the dad would be angry but the dad was not and was happy to know that Buki was pregnant through artificial insemination. In this case I think the definition of motherhood is that even if you are lesbian and you don't like the opposite sex you can still have a daughter or son. Though it is not a common practice the real definition of motherhood is a mother wanting a baby and even though there is no father figure a mother can always love her baby the same as any mother would with or without a father.

The next character that I choose is the mother who is a doctor and she has a daughter who is rebellious of her mother. In the start of the story, the daughter is rebellious of her mother because the daughter felt that her mother did not love her really, because she is only an adopted child and that she felt no love, because the mother would always give her pressure to do a lot of things and did not appreciate what she is going. As the story goes on, they had a heart to heart talk where they were able to talk with each other about what they truly felt and that became the turning point of the story where they were able