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Annual Leave Format Application Essay

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Appointment Letter Format Essay - 736 Words

Appointment Letter Format


This agreement of lease executed at Chennai 1st December 2012 between Mr. M.HARI DASS Aged about 67 years residing at No.21, 1st Street, Sivagamipuram, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600 041. hereafter called as the “LESSOR” (which expression shall wherever the context so permits mean and include heirs, executors, administrators, legal representative and assigns) of the one part. And

Mr.V.Sekar aged 55, S/O V.R. Narasimhan residing at No.7, Parathasarathy Swamy Street, Triplicane, Chennai 600 005 hereinafter called the LESSEE (which expression shall wherever the context so permits means and include all and assigns) of the other part, whereas the Lessor is the sole and absolute owner of the house situated at No.21, 1st Street, Sivagamipuram, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600 041 and whereas the lessee had approached the Lessor to take on rent the First Floor - B of the house at 21, 1st Street, Sivagamipuram, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600 041 measuring an area of 1050 sq.ft and the Lessor has agreed to lease out on the following terms and conditions.

1. The lease shall commence from 1st December 2012 for a period of 11 months and be mutual consent.

2. The rent stipulated for demised premises is Rs.13,000/- (Rupees Thirteen Thousand only) and Rs.2000/- (Rupees Two Thousand only) as maintenance charges.

3. The rent stipulated shall be paid to the lessor for every calendar month on or before 7th of the succeeding month.

4. The municipal property tax and other taxes payable on the demised premises shall be paid by the Lessor.

5. The Lessee has paid a sum of Rs.90,000/- (Rupees Ninety Thousand Only) as deposit which will be refunded by the Lessor without interest on the date of handing over the vacant possession of the demised premises after adjustments for the arrears of rent if any, electricity charges.

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GENERAL APPOINTMENTLETTER SAMPLE (LETTERHEAD) (Date). (Name and Address of Applicant) Dear (Applicant) Re: (Position Title) I am writing to confirm our offer of employment to you with (name of organisation) in the above position which, subject to your acceptance of this letter and its conditions, will operate commencing from (nominate the employee's commencement date). On your first day, please report to (Name) at (Time). Set out below are the basic terms which are to apply to your engagement. These terms are to be read together with the (name of appropriate award /agreement). Together, these two documents will govern your employment. We recommend that you acquaint yourself with this award/agreement if you have not already done so. 1. Position description The position description which prescribes your duties and other requirements of your employment is attached herewith and is part of this contract of engagement. At (name of organisation), it is necessary for us to respond to needs and workloads across the organisation. Therefore, we need to remain flexible and work as a team, and in line with this, you may be asked to assist in other areas, vary your working times (including reasonable overtime) and/or perform other tasks which are consistent with your skills and abilities. 2. Hours of work Your normal hours of work will be in accordance with the award /agreement conditions, or if other than.

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AppointmentLetter Date:26th February 2015 Kinga James 10 Oldfield Road Nw2 9EU Dear Kinga, We are pleased to offer you employment in the position of HR Officer, effective from 1st April 2015. This appointment is subject to the following terms and conditions: 1. BASE SALARY Your starting annual salary is £25 000. 2. PROBATION You are required to serve a probationary period of 12 weeks after which your service will be confirmed subject to satisfactory performance. The probationary period may be extended or shortened at the absolute discretion of the Company. During the probationary period, the appointment may be terminated by either party giving 1 weeks’ notice in writing to the other party. 3. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES You are required to perform the duties and responsibilities related to your position at any division, department or section in the Company or within the Group of Companies. You will be deployed at the Ping Pong Ltd. 4. WORKING HOURS Monday to Friday: 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. The Company reserves the right to change your working days and hours. 5. ANNUAL LEAVE/HOLIDAYS You are entitled to 25 annual leave in addition to the Bank Holidays. 6. TRANSFER/SECONDMENT You are subject to transfer or secondment to any place where the Company has an office or when required in the course of performing your duties. 7. RULES, REGULATIONS & CONFIDENTIALITY You shall at all times, devote your full attention and skill.

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September 1st, 2011 Dear Mr. Manoj Hajare, With reference to your application for employment, and the subsequent interviews with us, we are pleased to appoint you in our company as a Business Development Manager based at our Mumbai office. The company is offering you employment on the following terms and conditions: 1. Appointment 1.1 You will be appointed to the position of the Business Development Manager. Your designation is merely indicative of the responsibilities, which you are required to carry out. You will perform such duties as are assigned to you by the Company from time to time relating to the position to which you are now appointed and to which you may be transferred / promoted in future. 1.2 Your commencement will be effective from September 1st, 2011. 1.3 You will report to Bhavesh Mehta and shall be posted at our Mumbai office but will serve the company or any of its subsidiaries or associated Companies. 1.4 Your employment with the company is subject to your providing documentary proof of your last drawn salary, educational qualification, work testimonials, certificates, relieving letter if any, and is also conditional upon your being free from any contractual restrictions preventing you from accepting this offer or starting work on the above mentioned date. 2. Remuneration 2.1 The annual Compensation offered would be Rs 2,58,240/- per annum. Taxes as per the government norms.

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LETTER OF APPOINTMENT --------------------------------- «First_Name» «Middle_Name» «Add1» «Add_2» «Phone»(:+ 91 (: «Email» Dear «First_Name». With reference to your application and subsequent interview, we are pleased to offer you an appointment in this company on the following terms and conditions: 1. Our Value, System and Culture: As communicated to you during our discussions, we value competence, performance, discipline, and integrity above every thing else and that constitutes the foundation of this contract. We believe strongly in delivering highest quality of our customers, dealing fairly with mutual respect and on strict merit with our employees. We work in an atmosphere of trust & transparency and go beyond our area of responsibility. You are accountable first to yourself and than to your superiors. 2. Designation. You have been designated «Designation_». However, your ability and expertise can be utilized in any other field / function in the best interest of the company and there upon you shall be re-designated accordingly. 3. Date of Joining: You have to join us on or before «Date_of_joining» and this would be considered your effective date of joining in the company. 3. Remuneration, Benefits and Perks. You will be entitled to the following remuneration: Salary Breakup: 1. Basic Salary: Rs.«Basic»/- HRA. Rs.«HRA»/- Conveyance: Rs.«Conveyance»/-.

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Letter of Application 1719 Escuela St. Brgy Nuevo Guadalupe Makati, City October 9, 2014 Banco de Oro, A-Arnaiz Paseo 832 Arnaiz Ave. cor. Edades St. Makati City, Philippines Dear: Mam/Sir Good day! As an experienced communications professional. I’m very interested in the position of Sales Associate of Banco de Oro Arnaiz, Makati. I have the skills and I fit the qualifications needed by your company. I’m a graduate of Mass Communication from Universidad de Manila and has qualified experience as an Administrative Officer in Sales at J&J Company. I am 22 years old 5’3 in height and can speak English fluently. I also know how to speak basic Japanese and Chinese that indeed will help in your department as an effective leader to my staffs and to the clients as well. I hope that you will consider my application. I have my credentials and contact number attached inside. I’m looking forward to be a part of your team and to the growing BDO community. Respectfully Yours, Karen Julia Edis Letter of Inquiry October 19,2014 Sir/Mada’am; You’re advertisement on ACER.

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FORMAT OF A BUSINESS LETTER Reporters: JADY CLAIRE J. LULLEGAO RUEL L. CARPON Bsed-2C BLOCK FORM  All lines of the heading and inside address aer blocked  All paragraphs begin flushed to the left margin of the page  The complimentary close usually aligns with the date lines The signature is blocked with the complimentary close INDENTED OR TRADITIONAL FORM  Each line of the heading and the inside address is uniformly indented by either three or five spaces more than the line it precedes. The complimentary close is aligned with the date line.  The signature is written two or three spaces to the right of the point at which the complimentary close begins uses closed punctuation Example: Order Letter FULL BLOCK FORM  All lines are flushed to the lefthand margin of the page except possibly the date line and the file reference Example: Acknowledgement Letter SEMI-BLOCK FORM The first line of each paragraph is indented five, sometimes ten spaces Standard punctuation is commonly used. Example: letter of inquiry HANGING-INDENTED FORM The heading, the inside address and the signature conform with the block style. Paragraph beginnings align with the lefthand margin of the page. All rest of the lines are indented five spaces from the lefthand margin SIMPLIFIED LETTER Similar to.

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01st April, 2011 Ref No.:- …………………………… LETTER OF APPOINTMENT Dear…………………. With reference to your application and subsequent interview with us, we have pleasure in offering you employment as …………………………. (in short referred to ………..Chandigarh through its authorized signatory/representative ……………………………of the hereinafter referred to ……………………. or brevity which term shall unless repugnant to the context mean and include its successor-in –interest, sister companies, subsidiaries and assignees. And Mr. Harsh Kumar Of Permanent Address: ……………………………. & present resident of: ……………………………………. On the following terms and conditions:- This offer is subject to satisfactory verification of your character, antecedents and testimonials. 1) Appointment :- 1.1 You shall be appointed at the position of …………………. 1.2 Your Date of Joining will be your date of appointment . 1.3 Your initial place of posting is at Chandigarh. The company reserves the right to change your place of posting by transferring you or placing you on deputation to any of its offices, subsidiaries or associated companies in any location within or outside India. 1.4 Your appointment with the company is subjected to: (a) You undergoing a pre - employment medical examination and being declared fit; (b) The accuracy of the testimonials and information provided by you; (c) Your being free from any.

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submitting government contracts. Your attendance will ensure that your proposals meet government standards: you will learn about required formats . quality standards, and pricing restrictions. Event: Government contract information session Date: Friday, October 22, 2009 Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Place: Technology Systems, Inc. Building II, Training Room 1300 Rafferty Road Albany, NY 20322 To ensure that we have enough refreshments, please contact Tom Dashoff to confirm your attendance. Tom’s number is 412. 727.1222, and his email is tdash@techsyst.com. If you are unfamiliar with our location, Tom will send you an email with a map to our facility. We look forward to meeting you and providing information that will make your job easier. Regards, Ali Babar Training Director Modified block (Moderately formal) Date, complimentary close, and signature block start at the horizontal center of the page; other parts aligned at left margin Technology Systems, Inc. 1300 Rafferty Road Albany, NY 20322-2710 Ms. Anandi Bhardwaj Grandview Technology 1141 Industrial Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94227 September 24, 2009 Dear Ms. Bhardwaj We would like to invite you or your representative to attend an information session on procedures for submitting government contracts. Your attendance will ensure that your proposals meet government standards: you will learn about required formats . quality standards, and pricing restrictions. Event: Government contract information.

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Employee Leave Format - Doc Download

Employee Leave Format - Doc Download

various types of leave may be
Annual leave, Sick leave, Compensatory leave,Educational leaveCasual leave Etc.
the form may contain all the above or whichever suitable for your organisation as the TITLE.
then the1) Employees Name,2)employee No. if any,3)department name
4)employees designation,5)leave from____ to_____, 6)No. of Days,
7)resume duty on_______,Leave Adress or Phone No.:_________
9)employee sign & date.
10)Approving authority- Signature And Date.
11)For office use:sl. no. if any,data posted by,etc.
If you try to make a form out of the above details and if you can even improvise it, it would be a better Leave Application Form.
Hope this is usefull to you.
sekar ravichandran

12th September 2009 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Respected Sir,
I want to know a't the maternity leave during Probation ( after recruitment as a Permenant Lecturer in college).
I took maternity leave in my first year of probation. 1. Shall it effect to my seneority ?
2. Shall I have a right for full wages during my maternity leave ?
3. Is it possible that my employee consider my leave as a Leave without pay insted of Maternity leave.
I have take this leave first time and only on the basis of maternity but my employer college consider it as a Leave withiot pay. So if there are any kind of guidelines of Superem court or decision regarding this kind of matter and if it is there. please guide me. Oblidge. c t pathak
14th September 2009 From India, Ahmadabad

Annual Leave Letter - Sample, Template, Format & Writing Tips

Annual Leave Letter

There are certain organizations which formulate leave policies for their employees so that they should not feel any inconvenience when taking leaves during emergency. The employees are entitled for an annual leave allowance which they can avail within the same year. In order to avail the same, they need to inform the concerned person by writing an annual leave letter. Through this letter, they can officially inform the concerned person about their long leave and also how they are delegating their responsibilities in their absence.

Use the following tips to write a simple annual leave letter to employees or you can also use our annual leave application format and template.

Table of Contents

Annual Leave Letter Writing Tips:
  • It is vital to inform the concerned person in advance before taking an annual leave as it is a long term leave.
  • You must clearly state the reason behind your leave.
  • You should delegate your responsibilities to someone in your absence and inform the concerned person regarding the same.
  • Tone and content of the letter should be formal
  • Once you are through writing the letter, please recheck the same for amendments, if needed.
Annual Leave Letter Template

Use our free Annual Leave Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.

Date (Date on which letter is written)

I would like to officially inform you regarding my absence from office for _________ weeks. I would be going to __________ in order to avail my annual leave allowance provided by the company. I am moving on ___________ and returning on ____________.

In the meantime, my projects will be taken care by ___________ in my absence who will be submitting the weekly reports to you on regular intervals. I am always available on my phone, if you need to contact me.

I hope you will consider my request and grant me leaves for the above mentioned dates.

Date (Date on which letter is written)

Mr. David Hilton
Senior Hr Manager
ABC Associates

Sub: Annual leave application

This is to bring to your kind attention that I have planned a family trip to Vancouver to avail my annual leave allowance. I would be absent in the office for one month. You can check my records also that I have not taken a single day leave in the whole year. I would be leaving on 1st September and returning on 29th September.

In my absence, Mr. Henry would be working on my projects and if needs any clarification, he can contact me via mail or phone. I will definitely extend my help to him.

I hope you will consider my request and grant me leaves for the above mentioned dates.

Email Format

Any organization having employees formulate some leave allowances in order to make sure that they employees are comfortable and take leave in case of any emergency. Each organization has annual leave allowance of some specified days according to their rule. A employee can avail his full annual leave either during the end of the year or at any time in between the year. The format of requesting for an annual leave letter is given below.

Dear Mr. Peter Nicholas,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am in need of a long term leave and I wish to avail my full annual leave allowance, as I have my full annual leave allowance. I may take leave for one month as I am planning for a national tour with my family.

I have assigned my present work to Mr. David. He knows well about my work and he can handle without any problems, as only final part is left to be completed by him.

I will return to office on 2nd April, 2001. If there happens to be any changes in my plan or if I want to attend office earlier or later than the mentioned date, I will inform you well in advance. Thanks for considering my request.

Lewis K. Buckman
3997 Pickens Way
Longview, TX 75604

Sample Annual Leave Letter

Sample Annual Leave Letter

Re. Annual Leave Letter

I am writing with regard to the annual leave of four weeks that I can avail as part of my employment with this organization. I have not yet availed my annual leave and wish to do so for a period of four weeks starting 1 st June 2012.

The reason for this application for annual leave is that I have some urgent work back home in California. I have some ancestral property back in California that needs to be sold and I am told by legal representative that the entire formalities will be completed in the coming month.

I shall be resuming work on 1 st July 2012 and if there is any delay in the date of joining, I shall inform you of the same. I shall send you my contact details once I reach California. Thank you for considering my application.

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Annual Format for Employee Leave Application Template

Employee Leave Application Template Excel

Attaining discipline is a major responsibility of a project manager or team leader to draw strict instructions about the presence of self in the operational bases. There are daily needs and requirements as being the regular person and employee leaves are the critical but appropriate solution to this matter.

There are gently made application templates of Microsoft excel which maintain the data of complete year employee’s performance and helps the managers and other analyzers to assess the standing of particular employee. I recently upload a post about employee status report template management, so review it.

This is also important for the salary adjustments and imposed fines over lose behavior and non serious attitude of staff which is very much an important factor to cater staying in polite policies. Knowing what is going on the labor and workers front is very important and for any instant performance check, complete record of employee should be present with updated form.

Employee Leave Application Template for Internal Planning

Since every year and by the end of every term, project managers and internal planners make certain decision about the allocation of various tasks and rolls to different people based on their performance. Further grants and bonus are also allotted to them along with their up gradation based upon the personal progress and waged strategy building.

In such case, this format is very useful to measure the consistency and punctuality which is meant significant for the personal conduct evaluation. On the basis of these reports generated from the facts, there are important decisions being taken. For the planning and drafting of work, there are consolidated plans which reveal how far the impact lies does.

Best Format of Record Template For Project Management

There are various proposed formats for these employee leave template. yet the ease comes in establishing the desired format according to the requirement. There are different formats available for this purpose which can be customized according to the requirement by adding up further parameters of performance evaluation. Followed by here is a briefly described template ;

  • Allocate the list of employees in one column
  • Precisely add the number of leaves and other occasion as public holidays
  • Adjust the categorically boxes for data entry
  • Place the number of leaves in front of each corresponding name
  • Also add the week days if convenient in marking

Aside to this primary format, there are other additives which further evaluate and reciprocate the performance chart along with the presence and absence rations of employees per working term. These templates can be easily pile up to judge the progress and behavior of employees towards working. As per any imposed fine over the absence, these charts and templates help to calculate and figure out the deductions as well.

This Formatting Help Justifying Their Position

Since there are so many issues and segments of assessment and care taking during the project handling or business operations handling, the aptitude of employees can’t be tolerated if going lenient. Therefore there are devised mechanisms which turn this job much easier. One such technique is the usage of employee leave application template excel, which caters the huge record of presence and absence in abstract memory.