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My Success
Orison Swett Marden, an American writer in the 1890s erst said, When a man feels the power throbbing within him to do what he undertakes, as well as it can by chance be done, this is happiness, this is conquest. I agree with Marden beca subroutine I trust that mastery is something that every human being should strive for. There is no one exact definition of victor that embodies everyones life. fortunately most everyone has the ability to mold their own definition to suffer themselves. Success is the melding of happiness and achievement. I would describe the road to triumph as a treasure map. Success is the treasure pronounced by an X and my life is filled with antithetical obstacles and directions. Since supremacy is such an extensive term and can mean something different for everyone, I believe that allows a great deal of dwell for people to achieve whatever it is they want. Success does not eternally imply making big bucks and being top of the graduating carve up; something as simple as having a best fellow can assure one that they are successful. Where does this feeling of attainment stop? Is there ever an end to the road of success? I do not believe there is. I feel that as long as one has ambition, their success leave alone never prevail.

If that is not the case, one must permit a go at it when they feel 100 percent satisfied and successful. That, I believe is an unusual fulfillment.
A smile on my face is a must for me to be able to accomplish all that I set out for. I may not have precise goals but I do have a direction in which I want to go. A autocratic attitude is one quality to guarantee success lies ahead. In order to keep myself on the right track, I use the behaviors and choices of others to motivate myself to either be like them, or to fuck what not to do. For example, in soccer practice, my coach can be very demanding, and if I am doing something wrong he will let me know. He has the tendency to raise his voice and cover me out and embarrass me, and he may even domination that. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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Definition Essay Sample Defining Success

Sample Definition Essay Essay Title: Defining Success

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” —– David Brinkley

It is an unavoidable fact that success always starts with failure. One needs to taste failure in order to experience the joy of achievement. The literary definition of ‘success’ in Oxford dictionary goes like this: ‘accomplishment of an aim or purpose’. However, the term, ‘success’, cannot be defined by these few words. It has deeper meaning. Individuals are different in terms of judging the difference between success and failure. The experience of success leaves different repercussion on the people.

There is no definite line that acclaims one as successful. It is within the mind of an individual. But yes, there is one measure that works on most of the situations. It is ‘happiness’; how a happy a person is in his real life. For some people, they might be happiest when they buy luxurious items. For some other people, leading a happy and peaceful family life is synonymous to success. But these equations cannot be applied to every single circumstance.

Health is also considered as one of the defining factor of success. Imagine the following scene: your loved one is suffering under physical pain in a hospital bed. This will seed repressed feeling in you. You will feel unsuccessful and unsatisfied with your life. So taking care of the family should become foremost priority for the person who wants to climb the heights of success.

If you ask, what is the secret then? Some would refer to refluxing your thought process with positive thoughts. So that you gain the strength to resist the rough times with pain and tears. Some would suggest that only good thoughts cannot decode the puzzle of success. You ought to position yourself in the right direction. For instance, you might be exceptional at drawing, dancing, reading or acting. Only by finding right element of passion in the right field can give you the privilege to take down the fish eye successfully. A sprinkle of luck would do wonders on the success recipe. If you drill down any success story, you would notice luck played a significant part to it.

Success always comes with a price, the big you achieve, bigger the price is. Let’s take a profoundly known example, Einstein gave new meaning to the word ‘genius’, but this genius was unable to speak till he was four and did not read until he was seven. This forced his parents and teacher to think that he was mentally handicapped; eventually he was expelled from the school. But this ingenious handicapped mind changed the face of physics. So we all agree that discouragement and failure are the surest two stepping stones to success.

Failure will be your companion until you face success. Living up to your expectations will get you closer to success rather than somebody else’s. Always expect great, only then you will be successful to reach close to average. Always believe in true potentials of you. Success won’t be far from you.

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An Essay On The Problems Of Modern Society - With A Free Essay Review

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An Essay On The Problems Of Modern Society - With A Free Essay Review

I say forced because at no point did I consent to this society, unless you consider the implicit consent Socrates suggests that by living within a society past your childhood means you have implicitly agreed to the rules and terms of said society. Possibly at his time this may have held true, but today when societies across the globe are so similar where do you have the choice of going? You cannot just go off and live in the woods anymore, someone owns all of it, and the entire globe inch by inch has been privatized. As a result I feel as if we have all been forced into a set of rules upon which we had no say over and never agreed to. The social contract has been broken, too much taken, and nearly nothing at all given.

Today either by design or accident a certain state of humanity has been arrived at. This state has left us living a certain fashion. It is one where all of our efforts and labors are paid primarily upwards. That is to say the labor of the many benefits principally the few. Some would argue this stand point; some would claim that in our society it is possible for anyone to join the elite. To prove this they bring up the few cases in history of those who were born without the benefit of already being in the social and economic elite who managed by being given the gift of intelligence that the genetic lottery can only give combined with a rare opportunity to employ it. When in truth the chance of you joining the social economic elite is somewhere below the chance of you winning the lottery. People argue with all of this, but the proof is in the pudding. Look at the distribution of wealth in this country, either by accident or design this is the way things are, the many slave for the profit of the few. It has been the case nearly since civilization in truth started in almost all societies and still holds in our own.

Many justifications have been given for why this is. Often it is said that the innovators deserve more than those whom they employ. Often it is said those who put more effort into their education deserve more than those who work with their hands in either unskilled or semi-skilled labor. One could list the justifications on and on, but mainly the idea boils down to personal worth, that the amount one receives as restitutions for the labor they do should be directly proportionate to the percent of people capable of doing said labor. While it is true personal worth should in some way reflect restitution you receive the degree in which it does currently is unfair.

The preset course

As to the course it went like this. Go to school. Work hard. Get a job and be happy. Like some magical formula, that somehow going to school, working hard going to college and making a lot of money will automatically provide you with the sensation of happiness, the idea of success.

In essence to paraphrase Nietzsche state education is simply a premise to brainwash the general population. Or to paraphrase George Carlin, we teach people to be smart enough to push the button but dumb enough not to sit down and realize how badly they are being fucked in the ass. In our education there are safe guards built in to try to prevent you from questioning these things, it is built in our pop culture as well. It is portrayed that anyone who questions the state is a lunatic, that people who choose to live on the edge of society are weird and strange or even deranged. This is because to perpetuate this idea is in societies own interest, people who detach from society no longer are in the means of production and are no longer paying their labor up to the top. To do anything but attempt to devalue these people would be tantamount to crediting them which would further damage the current standing as stated above.

If we choose not to pursue further education we jump straight into the work force on the bottom. It is where you put forth the same or more effort than everyone else within the work force, and also where the short end of stick is the greatest, I never got that saying since in reality you are getting the long end of the stick, rammed right up your ass. Here when you attempt to pursue the dream you quickly lock yourself into this job with commitments and debts that you have no other way of paying off and you are for all intents and purposes forced into this level of labor for life, all of this in the quest to acquire what society deems and success.

The Shades of grey

As a result of this preset course the experience of humanity becomes limited. The way to describe it is thus, we live in a world full of color, red, blue, yellow, which mix to make everything imaginable. Yet today by comparison we live a mono chromatic life. It is as if all our choices in life fall under the color grey, just different shades of it.

As stated above the best way to control someone is to give them the illusion of free will. This is done by limiting the choices someone can make without them even realizing these limitations. As a result they think every option is open to them and become willing players in their own slavery, for lack of a better term.

Today when we talk about a person the first question that is asked, at least in America is; what does he do? As if occupation defines a person, when in fact to equate judgment, wisdom, or intellect with occupation is at best insulting. As a result of this practice we see people in such limited terms based off of this one fact about the person which in reality means little. As a result we start to see people from this very limited view point and often do not pursue conversation or relationships with a person based off their choice of occupation alone. It is this narrow mindset that causes all of human existence to take place in the narrowest of ranges.

What has led to this? What makes it so that everyone is mandated to get a job that leads to production? What was caused us to take on this you are born, you work, and you die attitude? This same shit different day mind set? Primarily it is our economics; societies have always been defined in two ways. That is the mode by which they are governed, IE a dictatorship, a republic, a democracy, a theocracy, or monarchy. The other is the mode of economics employed by said society, IE capitalism, either lassie faire, or regulated by the governing body, communism (oft confused as a system of government which is incorrect, it is simply another mode of economics in which the government takes control of businesses in a democratic communistic system that would mean all people would evenly own the mode of production) or communal living to name a few. The government does in some ways contribute to this shades of grey effect which limits the ways in which the human experience will take place, by outlawing certain practices and actions. The economy in conjunction with social mores does much more to cause this effect.

Ideas on friendship connectivity and love

It is hard to argue that we are not meant to be a social species. If you want proof spend a few days totally alone in the woods, no phone, no books, just you. Very quickly you will find a desire welling up within you to make contact with others, even if briefly it is a desire all normal humans share. This is now amplified by modern society because our contact with others has become so constant that it seems most of us have an inability to amuse ourselves without some sort of outside force entertaining us (cell phones, books, music, so on). There is nothing wrong with seeking companionship and love, and I do not feel the need to reinvent the wheel and attempt to define it or justify it, rather I seek to illuminate some issues with it I have seen today.

Sometimes something worse than all of that happens, either you are the other person become consumed. You or they lose the idea of themselves and are totally and utterly involved in the other person. Nothing could be unhealthier. This is common in people who spend too much time looking for a relationship, because they are so consumed with the idea of love often they get too involved and lose their own identity and end up regretting it years down the road.

Coping with reality as is

So what is the meaning of it all?

This is a thoughtful, wide-ranging, and for the most part highly readable indictment of modern society. I'm sympathetic to much of what you claim here, but my job is to be critical, so here are a few areas in which I think the essay could be improved.

1. I can see that you have worked out a certain more or less logical order for the presentation of your ideas, and yet even so the essay seems to meander a little. Beyond the section headings, for instance, you don't give your reader many signposts to guide her or him through the essay; the way its different parts, or topics, relate to each other is never really clarified. Part of the problem in that respect is the introduction, which serves only to introduce one part of your essay (dealing with economics and labor). I think a general introduction that explained the trajectory of the essay would make it easier for your reader to follow you as you transition from speaking of exploitation of the working class, to cultural reproduction of prevailing ideologies, to the dehumanizing effects of modern society, to the problematic nature of modern friendship and love, to modes of coping or evading reality (alternatively, you could write four or five different essays!).

2. Your essay would also appear more coherent if it had a strong overarching argument or a specific proposal, and if each section of the essay clearly were written with a view to demonstrating the truth of that argument or supporting the proposal. To an extent, you do have a bit of an overarching argument (roughly, modern [American?] society is bad for humanity), but I think you also recognize, in your rather inconclusive conclusion ("So what is the meaning of it all?"), that there is something less than satisfactory with the defense of that argument being the final purpose of your essay. On the one hand, it is understandable that you don't really have a solution, and it's not necessarily the responsibility of the one who diagnoses the malaise to develop also the cure. On the other hand, it's not as if there has been in the history of philosophy and political theory, with which you indicate some familiarity, no attempt to suggest possible answers to the kinds of problems you address here. I think a fuller exposition of your ideas might benefit from engaging with some of those attempts: Plato? Marx? Nietzsche? Heidegger?

3. Your essay would appear a little less one-sided if it took greater account of alternative, opposing views. There have been countless strident defenses of capitalism, including of the way in which wealth under capitalism is distributed. Choose one of the better ones, and see if you can tear it to shreds.

4. You are aware, I take it, that much of what you say bears at least a family resemblance to the work of certain left-of-center philosophers. The history of left-wing political and philosophical thought has bequeathed you a trove of ideas and an established terminology for tackling some of the issues you tackle. If you want to talk about the ways in which the prevailing ideology (which from the Marxist viewpoint is always the ideology of the ruling classes) is passed on from one generation to the next, why not take advantage, for instance of the history of Marxist thought. Louis Althusser's discussion of repressive and ideological state apparatuses, for instances, might be a place to begin. You mention at one point that you don't want to "reinvent the wheel" in your discussion of love; I'm suggesting it's not necessary (and probably not a good idea to try) to reinvent the wheel in your discussion of any of the topics you address.

5. Finally, on occasion, when precise terminology and concrete ideas seem called for, you have a tendency to resort to vague and occasionally inordinately colorful figures of speech. I think this tendency creates a distraction for your reader and detracts also from the rigor of your presentation. Perhaps the most egregious instance of the problem is the paragraph that begins with the sentence "If you go to college the end is slightly better but you become trapped nonetheless."

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Defining Success at

Success is many things to many people. Worldbook defines success as a favorable result or wished for ending through the achievement of goals. That is, if one attains a desired goal through achievement, he would be considered a success. However, a successful character, cannot be produced from one successful feat. The true indicator of success is not what is accomplished, but what is felt. In order to be successful, one must be happy.

For example, if a person looks back on his career and feels satisfied and happy with his status, he would be considered a success. However, if he looks back and realizes he could've attained much more and feels disappointed, he would not be successful. Success is directly proportionate to happiness. Without it, there cannot be success. Success can also be reached by achievement of goals. In order to accomplish a goal, one must accomplish smaller goals that lead up to the main achievement. For instance, if a football team achieved its aim to win their district and the state championship, they would be successful. On the other hand, if the team set out to have a winning record, and failed, the season would not be considered successful.

Success, no matter how big or small the goals are, can only be grasped through the attaining of those goals. Success must also be sought after. For anyone to have success, they must fight and strive for it. If a secretary of a large corporation worked her way up the ladder through hard work and sacrifice, she would be a success. On the other hand, if a secretary had a friend who got her a job at the top, she would not be looked upon as a success. There must be a desire for improvement and a commitment to achieve success. It.

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