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Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Deaths Analysis Essay

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Cowards Die Many Times

Cowards Die Many Times

John Marston is told by Colonel Allende that Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella have been captured in Chuparosa. Together with Captain De Santa. he travels to Chuparosa, where he's betrayed by the Captain. Abraham Reyes' men come to aid Marston, as a huge firefight breaks out between the Mexican Army and the rebels.

Walkthrough Mission Prerequisites

Before this mission becomes available, the player must complete:

Mission Objectives

To complete this mission, the player must:

  • Ride shotgun with De Santa to Chuparosa.
  • Enter the church.
  • Find Abraham Reyes and have him cut you free.
  • Retrieve your weapons from the cantina.
  • Kill all of the soldiers in town.
  • Kill Captain Espinoza.

Ride shotgun with De Santa to Chuparosa. On the way, you can partake in a shooting contest, where you'll get 25 dollars if you can kill five animals in a row with five bullets (4 seems to be enough, but you have to kill 5 to complete the bet). You can start this by shooting a bird, or other animal and De Santa will offer the challenge. If you start it early enough on the ride you can do it 3-4 times by starting it the same way after one is complete.

Upon arriving in Chuparosa, you'll enter the town and head for the church. When you enter, you'll be betrayed as one of the soldiers hit you in the head, knocking you out cold.

Just as De Santa is about to kill Marston, Reyes and his rebels will arrive and stop the execution, much like Marston stopped Reyes's execution. Once the gunfight starts, you'll have to run up a building's stairs to find Reyes, who will cut the ropes to free Marston's hands.

Next, you'll have to find your weapons. They can be found in a crate in the middle of the gunfight, [1] near the circle in the middle of the town. [2] You're heading for the building marked El Alcalde De Chuparosa, where all the soldiers are. After killing the soldiers, enter the building and shoot the guy on the stairs. Head up the same set of stairs and kill the man standing at the top of them. If there are still some enemies standing outside, you can go kill them from the terrace as well. Lastly, enter the door at the top of the stairs to kill Captain Espinoza.

In the end scene, Reyes is rallying his rebels, encouraging them to fight on to overthrow tyranny.

Mission Dialogues Mission Failure

The mission will fail if the player:

  • Assaults, kills or abandons De Santa or any Mexican Army soldier (prior to entering the church).
  • Assaults or kills Reyes or any of the rebels.
  • Shoots a horse
  • Strays too far from the mission location.
  • Breaks the law.
  • Kills a dog.
  • Commits vandalism.
  • Assaults or kills townsfolk.
  • Dies.
Casualties Mission Complete Unlockables
  • After the cutscene where De Santa tricks Marston, whether in cowboy, duster or poncho etc. outfit, the black gloves will not be seen again, even after saving and restarting the game.
  • No matter what outfit you wear when starting the mission, John will change back into his cowboy outfit when Reyes rescues him.
  • Upon receiving equipment back, the weapon categories order may be messed up. If this glitch occurs, it is not fixable. This will separate your repeaters/rifles and revolvers/pistols.
  • After the speech, the game may freeze, and you'll have to do the mission again.
  • The cutscene immediately after you're betrayed may be skipped over.
  • Players who took advantage of a glitch in order to get into West Elizabeth early and who bought the Explosive Rifle may not receive it upon opening the chest containing Marston's weapons. This may also occur for the Tomahawk.
    • While the Tomahawk may not show up, it is still in the inventory. If the player had, say, 12 of them and returned to Manzanita Post later on, only 8 could be bought. When more are purchased, the amount previously owned are there once more.
  • After completing the mission and listening to Reyes ' speech, the game can occasionally freeze (black screen). The only option is to reset the console and redo the mission.
  • Sometimes when you go into the wagon at the beginning of the mission, it will be stuck with the horses unable to move. The only way to fix this is to skip to your destination.
  • The mission gets its name from the famous Shakespeare line "Cowards die many times before their actual deaths". This is said by Julius Caesar in the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.
    • It may also be a reference to Captain De Santa, as he is considered a coward, and is killed twice (maingame and Undead Nightmare).
  • It could also be a reference to the end of Guns of the Magnificent Seven. in which Chris says "Cowards die many times, the brave only once. ".
  • Captain De Santa seems to understand what the Colonel wants with Marston and seems to be unwilling to betray Marston at first.
  • Strangely, when John is almost executed, he is wearing metal handcuffs. However, when he reaches Reyes, it is now rope.
  • When John is captured he will be wearing the cowboy outfit, this happens no matter what outfit the player was wearing earlier.
  • If you manage to knock Espinoza out via fists, and then refrain from killing him, Espinoza will get up and run away from Chuparosa. Since you didn't kill him, the mission does not complete, but it does not end in failure, either. The mission will remain stuck like this until you fail and restart the mission. If you do manage to track him down and a kill him after this the mission may proceed.
  • When you are supposed to find Reyes and let him untie you, John is invincible until his hands are untied.
  • If the player wishes to avoid all the gunfight after re-collecting the weapons, they can simply go around to the left side of the building (closest an entrance to Chuparosa) and climb up some crates and jump onto a roof that leads to an awning just outside where Espinoza is hiding. This will cause a guard to come outside and the player can kill Espinoza quite easily without taking much damage from the gunfire.
  1. ↑ During the gunfight, after you get your weapons, make your way to the left side of the building that Captain Espinoza is in. There will be a box you can jump on from which you can jump to the second floor. The door to Captain Espinoza will be right in front of you, saving you a lot of time.
  2. ↑ Activating the crate will spawn more soldiers in the house, along with Captain Espinoza (the house is empty before activating this crate), as well as returning your weapons. Before activating the crate, the present soldiers are VERY focused on the rebels. You can easily sneak up behind the left-most soldiers and stealth kill them with your knife. They will drop weapons, which you can use to take out the remaining soldiers on the front porch. Use the boxes on the left side of the building (see note one) to gain entry to the interior: you can loot the empty house, while taking out the remaining soldiers on the second story balcony, at your leisure. (FYI: even when all the current soldiers are dead, the rebels will continue to fire like mad at the building. Don't worry, as long as you got all the "red dots", you are safe, and can loot enemies' bodies without getting shot.) Once you activate the crate and get your weapons back, the remaining 3-4 soldiers plus the Captain spawn inside the building.

Hell in Chuparosa

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Cowards die many times before their deaths

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  • Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar Continue reading.

    Julius Caesar was the dictator of Rome from 61-44 BCE. He was born in the year 100 BC into a patrician family who claimed decendancy from the kings of Alba Langa. At the time of his birth, Rome was still a republic and the empire was only beginning. Caesar made his way to praetorship by 62 BC and many senate felt him a dangerous, ambitious man. The senate did their best to keep him out of consulship. He finally became consul in 59 BC.
    Caesar was at the pinnacle of his power when he returned from Spain in 45, yet within a year he was once again facing problems with the Optimates, and had seeming lost the support of the ever fickle populance of Rome. The problem was himself and his absolute power. With his impatience, he often denigrated the Republic as a shadow without a body but the majority of the conservative aristocracy failed to understand this. In Caesar they saw only the threat of a king, a word which was linked with the word “tyrant” in Roman history which is cruel or unjust rule.
    Now that Caesar had control over the lands of Bituriges, Vercingetorix started to lead his army to the Boii oppidum of Gorgobina whom Caesar had settled under the protection of the Aedui after he had defeated them in battle. Caesar sent word that he was going to help them. On the way he stopped his troops at Vellaundunum, oppidum of the Senones, and set up siege. He didn't want to leave any enemies behind him who might get in the way of the grain deliveries and supply. His siege lasted three days before a deputation was sent out to surrender. The Carnute had only jus heard of the siege at Vellaundunum. They gathered troops to garrison Cenabum, the Carnutes stronghold. The Carnutes had expected the siege to last longer than it had and were suprised to see Caesar camped outside of the town. The Carnutes decided to escape over the bridge at the back but Caesar predicted they would try that and sent troops to guard the bridge during the night. When Julius heard of the escape, he set fire to the gates of the Oppidum and entered because the bridge and roads were so narrow, that few inhabitants escaped.
    Julius Caesar stated that “ cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.

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    ” Julius Caesar had lived, and died by this principle. The assassination of Julius Caesar was a somewhat cruel one because he was stabbed in the neck and the groin while some say that he fought and resisted by shifting his body to avoid the blows, and calling out for help. When Julius noticed that his brother Brutus had drawn his sword, he covered his face with his robe and submitted, letting himself, whether it were was by chance or that he was pushed in that direction by his murderers. At the foot of the pedestal on which Pompeius’s statue stood, was wetted with his blood.
    Julius Caesar was feared by many because of his ambitiousness. That is why the senate tried to keep him from becoming Consul. He was one of the best leaders of the Roman Empire because he cared more for the empire, than himself. He was truly a very intelligent man who wanted to be King. It was too bad that he was assassinated but he said himself that “cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.”

    What does the phrase - cowards die many times - mean?

    This phrase comes from a famous quote written by 'William Shakespeare' for his play 'Julius Caesar'. The qoute goes like this:

    “Cowards die many times before their deaths;

    The valiant never taste of death but once.

    Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,

    It seems to me most strange that men should fear;

    Seeing that death, a necessary end,

    Will come when it will come.”

    Shakespeare is drawing a comparison between someone who is a coward (that is, someone who is afraid to face the challenges of life, such as dealing with difficult situations, taking risks, and fighting for what he or she believe in) and someone who is valiant (that is, someone who is brave in facing the challenges of life, is never afraid to face difficult or risky situations, and will always fight for what he or she believes in).

    Here, he uses the metaphor of death to convey how a person feels inside when he or she runs away from a challenge. That person "dies" a little inside each time he or she chickens out, meaning that he or she loses a little strength of character each time he or she refuses to face a challenge of life. In short the regret that a coward faces daily is much worst feeling than dying. This phrase is mostly used to motivate someone to leave away the fear.

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    A Coward dies many times but A valiant only once, Proverb Stories, Tenses

    A Coward dies many times but A valiant only once.

    A Coward dies many times but A valiant only once.

    Cleanliness is next to godliness.

    This proverb which insists upon cleanliness as a virtue is one of the proverbs which insist the importance of hygiene in health. A man who is clean in body is mostly clean in heart and is next to god in nature. Cleanliness is very important because it keeps us healthy.

    Most of the germs in the world are spread by unclean hands and body. For example there are some diseases which are spread by germs which live in dirt and mud. We travel a lot daily and so we come in contact with these germs. If we fail to wash our hands before food we take these germs into our body and so we acquire some disease. Soon these diseases also spread from us to people who come into contact with us. Thus in not being clean we spread the disease. Similarly by consuming food outside - in places where there are flies we also acquire vector borne disease. So consuming food at clean places is also necessary to keep away from diseases.

    Cleanliness is said to be next to Godliness. Godliness means a person with a godly natured person as an embodiment of all virtues. The importance of cleanliness is illustrated by saying it is next only to having good virtues in life. Cleanliness is not only a must for the outer body of a man but is essential for inner soul as well. A person must have the quality of purity and cleanliness as part of his life. Only that man is known the man of character who keeps his image clean.

    A Coward dies many times but A valiant only once.

    Coward dies many times before their death but the valiant never taste of death but once. In this proverb the word coward means a person who is not brave enough to face the challenges of daily life. They are also afraid of death and they experience death whenever they are in a dangerous situation or in a crisis during their daily life. Fearfulness is the quality of a coward and on the approach of a disaster it should be avoided.

    Fearlessness is the characteristic quality of a great hero whereas cowards fear for one or the other reason. Cowards dread on seeing a screen to remain in darkness to meet a distinguished person or other simple situations.

    Some of the great men like Alexander The Great, Julius Caesar and the famous sailors like Magellan, Columbus and Vascodagama were men who did not have the fear of the future stopping them from realizing their dreams. They went on in their endeavor to either conquering nations or traveling the vast ocean to discover new nations. This statement itself is from Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar. On 15th March 44 AD Caesar’s wife sees some bad omen and so she implores Caesar not to go to the senate. But Caesar replies that…. Cowards die many times before their death. But the valiant never taste of death but once. He went on to the senate and was murdered there by his senators. Thus brave men never fear to meet death whatever the predictions may be.

    A Coward dies many times but A valiant only once.