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JHU essay

JHU essay. Why major in Biomedical Engineering

Please be harsh. Any comment or feedback will be appreciated. Thanks guys.

Johns Hopkins offers 50 majors across the schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering. On this supplement, we ask you to identify one or two that you might like to pursue here. Why did you choose the way you did? If you are undecided, why didn't you choose? (If any past courses or academic experiences influenced your decision, you may include them in your essay.)

I would like to pursue the major of Biomedical Engineering in Johns Hopkins University not only because of my personal interest in science and engineering but also under the inspiration of the responsibility I would like to take.

Last summer, I was able to go to the World Expo. What impressed me among all the sites was the Life & Sunshine Pavilion. The pavilion calls for more attention for disabled people through its various exhibitions. I managed to talk with a volunteer there who lost his arms and I was totally in a heartquake of the unbelievably strong will that he has revealed to pursue his success. He lost his arms during a terrible accident at the age of 6. He acted out his feelings of inferiority by trying to have a normal handwriting using his feet. He made it; however, people and kids around him didn't recognize his effort and always made fun of him. He was not discouraged; instead he worked on playing the piano with his feet, which makes him a well-known pianist now. I suppose he is one of the few examples who become successful in spite of the disability. The disabled people all have a heart desiring success, but they are just not called enough attention for, especially in China. I have seen a lot of them being homeless in my area. It is not their fault. We are responsible to make it a better life to the disabled. Actions shall be taken to improve their life condition, among which I think the most fundamental and effective way is to simply remove the difference between the normal and the disabled people, like the function of deaf aid and artificial limbs. However, so far as I know, few people are interested in this area in China. So I feel like taking the responsibility of developing new technology of the medical devices that can help the disabled people and applying it so that hopefully more of them can benefit from it thus have a better chance to realize their dreams. And I surprising find out that Biomedical Engineering cover this part of technology. With Johns Hopkins' prestigious Biomedical Engineering program, I will be able to attend lectures given by top professors who are the most advanced in their own areas and make full use of decent laboratory facilities to help me achieve my goal and tackle problems in the biomedical area.

If you want me to be truly harsh, I would say. rewrite the whole thing. I will explain why: the first half of the essay about Liu Wei does not reveal anything about you. Unless you are Liu Wei himself, it is a waste of 150 words. Instead, talk about how this experienced affected YOU, and WHY that experience made you want to study BME. Also, you have not mentioned anything unique about JHU's BME program - why not choose BME at Duke? Or UPenn? Please give specifics - that's what they are looking for. So overall, I think this needs some work. But you still have time!

Johns Hopkins offers 50 majors across the schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering. On this supplement, we ask you to identify one or two that you might like to pursue here. Why did you choose the way you did? If you are undecided, why didn't you choose? (If any past courses or academic experiences influenced your decision, you may include them in your essay.

I don't think the topic indicates that I need to write anything about why I choose JHU. So I am not sure whether I should write that part.

Post Your JHU Essay ) - Page 3

Post Your JHU Essay =)

"Well my school counselor told me that each college has some kind of software to check for plagiarism, not turnitin of course."

I'm sure they do. However, I'd think that the companies that openly advertise on the Internet that they'll write your college admissions essays hardly copy other folks' essays word-for-word. As their clients - who are students who cheat - were turned away from top-tier universities, and even accused of copying their work, word would get out and such a company's reputation for successfully cheating to get folks into top schools would be ruined.

It's easy enough to re-write an essay so that you maintain the gist, the power of it, while changing the precise wording sufficiently to avoid being caught plagiarizing.

Nonetheless, it IS plagiarism. It's a lot easier to re-write something that is well-written to begin with than it is to create something worthwhile of whole cloth.

C'mon, I found one Internet-based company that actually bragged about the winning essays it kept in its library to assist them when they write your essay.

I addition to all the other aforementioned [valid] reasons not to post essays, I would like to ask BlackBunny103 a few things:

1) Why is this so darn important to you that you are spending large quantities of time arguing your case and trying to convince people to post essays? I got two different (though very similar) messages from you, enthusiastically congratulating me on my acceptance and asking me to post my essay. That tells me you went through at least two decision-related threads, sending messages to everyone accepted. Is there really no better use of your time?

2) Even if people only use posted essays as inspiration (which I highly doubt will be the case, seeing as plagiarism and intellectual property theft can be unconscious and unintentional. and there are less-than-morally-upright people out there), why should they even have access to this inspiration? Your essay is supposed to be about why you love JHU and your major, what makes you happy, who inspires you, etc. EVERYONE knows at least 100 people who have written college essays before. If you are really are so devoid of any passion that you can't think of anything to say, talk to someone you know about their essays. If you can read something a random stranger on the internet wrote and feel passionate enough about it to write your essay on the topic, but can't think of anything meaningful on your own, I don't think you deserve to get accepted to Hopkins or any other top-tier school.

3) Why do people seem to think there's some formula for essays? Admissions officers read the same essays over and over again, yet people think that if they write what other people are writing, it will help them get in. And do you think they can't tell when you're just going through the motions? Though some people find my prospective major boring, I wrote about how beautiful I find it. If someone else wrote on the same topic, there's a good chance it would come across as BS because it's obvious whether people really put feeling into their essays.

I thought of dropping this thread but after reading your post, I feel like I have to clarify sth.

That tells me you went through at least two decision-related threads, sending messages to everyone accepted. Is there really no better use of your time?

I didn't go through the decision thread sending message to everyone accepted. I only sent messages to some ppl. I have my exams coming up so of course I don't have all that time. In UChicago post essays thread, some ppl also sent me messages asking me and other ppl to post essays up. So I thought I should do the same thing with this thread, and I only sent to some ppl.

I'm not trying to convince anybody to post up their essays. I started this thread so I'm just simply expressing my pov - freedom of speech. Again really this thread is entirely optional. Nobody has ever had any problem with UChicago thread. If you guys don't wanna share your essays then don't. No harsh comment pls. I don't see the need of coming in here and keep on arguing. It's not like if you shared your essays, ppl would copy and base their essays on some kind of "formula". I started this thread so future applicants would have a better idea of what kind of quality is expected. That is all.

My exams are coming up so I'm leaving this thread. If anyone would like to share then pls feel free to do so. If not, then pls don't keep on arguing because it is pointless, really.

If you can read something a random stranger on the internet wrote and feel passionate enough about it to write your essay on the topic, but can't think of anything meaningful on your own, I don't think you deserve to get accepted to Hopkins or any other top-tier school.

If you read an essay on the net about for example: horse-riding and you feel passionate about it because you do horse-riding, it's not like you would write your essay on horse-riding, jeez. Don't over-generalise.

Why should they even have access to this inspiration?

Why shouldn't they. Oh gosh, forum is there to help ppl. Everybody needs some source of inspiration at some point in their life. Not everybody is fortunate enough to have helpful school counselors or access to college-prep books, etc. You won't understand unless you're in their shoes. I know how it is like when my school counselor doesn't help at all, she did not give any advices or feedback to any students at my school. I started this thread simply because UChicago thread helped me, now I just wanna help others. If anybody is against this thread like you, then they won't post their essays up and they obviously don't have to, it's optional.

Why is this so darn important to you that you are spending large quantities of time arguing your case and trying to convince people to post essays?

I'm wait-listed at JHU so I pop in quite often to see if there are any advices or updates about wait-list. I don't spend large quantities of my time to argue. Since I started this thread, I feel that I should at least have a say in it.

My exams are coming up so I'm leaving this thread. Anyways, we should all stop arguing. It really is not going anywhere.

My name has come up a lot on this discussion, so I guess I need to respond. As I have written numerous times before, I strongly discourage students from ever sharing their essays on College Confidential. Here is what I have written previously:

Every year I post the following message and I think it is appropriate again. I know such posts are common on College Confidential, but I just want to state my opinion regarding asking for assistance with your essays through CC.

I am against it, especially when one posts their entire essay on this site.

(1) You never know who will be looking at your essay and whether they are out for your best interest. Additionally, they may choose to use your essays as their own.

(2) When you sign your application you are stating that everything in your application is complete, factually correct, and honestly presented. It is the final part of this that concerns me when receiving advice on your essays through a web site like CC. The essays are supposed to be your own work. Getting advice from a guidance counselor, teacher, parent, friend, is completely understandable. But receiving advice from anonymous people on a college message board seems dishonest to me.

(3) One word - plagiarism.

My advice. ask a parent. ask a relative. ask a sibling. ask a friend. They will have your best interest when helping you out.

Thanks for the post. Folks seem to think that concerns about plagiarism are overblown. But a quick google reveals companies that claim to collect essays from students admitted to top-tier institutions, and some of these folks boldly state that they will write your essays for you.

Interestingly, I've received several inquiries privately here at CC asking for my son's essays, and I've wondered whether everyone asking for essays is on the up-and-up or whether some of those asking may be working for companies that offer these services.

Folks should put two and two together. Yes, they make four.

Those companies disgust and disturb me. Any student using those services is making a huge mistake and wasting a ton of money. In fact, if College Confidential doesn't already have a policy to not allow such companies to advertise on their site, they should!

But a quick google reveals companies that claim to collect essays from students admitted to top-tier institutions, and some of these folks boldly state that they will write your essays for you.

To be honest, I've never heard of companies that will write essays for applicants. I only heard of those that will guide you in your application processes and give you feedback for your essays (still this service is a waste of money imo), not actually write them for you. That's why I didn't quite believe you when you mentioned those folks may actually lurk on this site to collect essays. Now that AdmissionsDaniel point out those companies do indeed exist, sorry for doubting you as I didn't know before >.<"

Hi AdmissionsDaniel, thanxx for your post.

I only started this thread with the sole intention to help future applicants to get a better idea of what kind of quality is expected in applicant's essays as not everybody is lucky enough to receive essay feedback from their school counselor. Since the admission officer of JHU strongly discourages posting essays, then I won't promote it.

Guys, does anyone know how can I close this thread?

PLEASE do not post essays. Essays are supposed to be your own work and reflect who you are. The admissions committee could care less about what you write about, as long as it reflects who you are and who you want to become. The essay is the one single thing that gives them a chance to see into your personality, and letting that go in favor of trying to "look good" is one huge mistake that many applicants make. Write about what you want to write about, look it over, and call it a day. I wrote my essays for Hopkins in about 2 hours, looked them over, and sent them in. Taking the time to analyze every word is quite honestly a waste of time. If you look at prior admitted students' essays, you will see that they are all about different topics and ideas that are special to THEM, and they never follow a set script.

English-speaking club - English for Kids

English-speaking club

English-speaking club for adults with teachers from the USA

In the evening after a hard day we usually want to rest and relax. Why not do it with pleasant company while benefiting yourself ?

Our conversation club for adults with teachers from the U.S. “English speaking club for adults” offers exactly that. Classes are held in a cozy home-like atmosphere – you sit in a comfortable chair. drink coffee or tea with snacks, and simultaneously activate and increase your English vocabulary .Our club is designed for those who have the desire and the need to develop and improve their English-speaking skills and want to learn to express their views on a wide range of topics in English. The class will cover a variety of topics and each topic will including the following:

  • vocabulary learning and improving,
  • ability to use the vocabulary words in the required context correctly,
  • audio and printed materials- listening and reading,
  • preparing mini-presentations.

The teacher will take into account students’ individual needs and personality features. At the beginning of the course. we would like to ask about your wishes concerning the range of topics and interests that you’d like to learn and master. You will also learn useful expressions and phrases that are recommended to use in given situations. During the course we will watch short video-stories and films and share our thoughts on them.

Join Our comfortable and exciting journey into the world of English right now!

The class lasts for 90 minutes.
Every Monday and Wednesday 7 p.m.-8.30p.m.

Playroom English Speaking Club Approximate Topics:

People – Talk about meeting people, introducing yourself, describing people, first impressions, and types of personality.
Work and Jobs – Discuss different jobs and professions, going on job interviews and how to search for a job and set up a job interview.
Food – Talk about names of foods, grocery shopping, cooking at home, and going to a restaurant.
Transportation – Talk about different forms of transportation (buses, taxis, and metro), how to call a cab, asking for and giving directions and reading maps.
Holidays – Talk about different holidays in America, Great Britain and Ukraine and what is done for different holidays.
The World – Talk about the names of countries and cities, nationalities, and languages. Talk about different cultures you may know about or what you would like to learn about.
Travel – Talk about traveling by plane, train, and bus. Talk about how to buy tickets and book the hotels.
Vacation – Talk about how to plan a vacation. How do you decide where to go? Talk about what to do while on vacation, what to pack for your trip and some of your favorite vacations.
Hobbies – Learn about different hobbies, talk about what hobbies you have and what hobbies you would like to learn about. What hobbies are popular in Ukraine? In America?
Education- Talk about different levels of Education (school, high school, University, Community College, Associates Degree) Talk about the education in Ukraine and other countries. Discuss how to get a good education and how kids can get into good Universities.
Running Errand s- Talk about common errands you have to do such as going to the bank, going shopping (food and clothing), and getting your hair cut.
Animals – Talk about names of different animals. Talk about animals in zoo, on the farm, in the ocean, in the forest, and pets.
At Home – Talk about the rooms of a house or apartment, different furniture names, and about renting or buying a place to live.
Driving – Talk about getting a driver’s license, types of cars, buying a car, and renting a car.

Elliott - Six Group Activities for Teaching ESL Children (TESL

Six Group Activities for Teaching ESL Children

Joanne Elliott
joelliott45 [at] yahoo.co.uk
Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, UK.

From experience, the best way to teach children English is to not only get them physically involved within the lesson, but also to create the illusion that they are simply playing games. And rather than focus on individual development, it is also a very good idea to promote class interaction as far as possible. Here are some easy inspirational ideas to try or to adapt within your classroom.

Cultural Charades

Before the lesson, fasten cards under the children's desks or seats. When the class begins, ask the students to read the word that is on their card, but to keep it secret. Put the name of each child into a hat, and pick out a name at random. When called, out the child must come to front of the class and try to describe the object on their card. When the class correctly guesses the right answer, write the word on the blackboard. Continue the process until every student has had his or her turn.

Next, ask the students to read all of the words on the blackboard that they have described, and to tell you which could be grouped together. This is easier if you choose specific topics when initially writing the card, for example, animal names, types of clothes, different sports etc. This game can be adapted to fulfill any topic that the class may need to cover, or to improve upon.

Word Association

Arrange the seats or desks in the classroom into one wide ring. Decide on a topic, and begin with just one word. One by one go around the circle in an counterclockwise direction and ask the children to say another English word that they think links to the previous word. (E.G. If you began with ‘hot', the next word might be ‘cold', and then ‘ice', ‘snow', ‘sledging', and so forth). If a child hesitates for too long or calls out a word that does not really fit with the previous utterance, ask them to move out of the circle. The person on their immediate right will then begin an entirely new topic with a word of their choosing. Continue the process until there is just one winner left, and award the child a sticker or a badge.

A harder variation of this game is to ask the child to give a word that begins with the last letter of the previous one. This can be as topic specific as you wish. For example, if your first word is ‘animal', it could be followed by words such as ‘little', then ‘elephant', ‘tiger', ‘rabbit' etc. If the game is going slowly put a time limit on the students for giving the next answer.

Description Groups

Split the class up into small groups, and ask them to secretly elect one member. Supply each group with a very large piece of paper, and several differently coloured pens. Then ask the students to describe the elected member within the group by writing down adjectives on the paper. Firstly, ask the group to describe the elected child physically, using just one colour of pen. Then get the group to ask the elected student questions about themselves in English. Ask them to record the answers in different colours – for example, ‘likes' in green ink, and ‘dislikes' in red.

Next, ask the groups to come to the front of the classroom one by one. Pin up their large piece of paper, and ask the rest of the class to guess whom the group have been describing. If time allows, the class can ask the elected members questions about what has been recorded. For example, if it has been written that the elected member dislikes slugs, ask why, and then ask the rest of the class to raise their hands if they agree or disagree. This exercise also has strong benefits regarding student bonding.

Pass the Question

Arrange the desks or chairs into a rough circle and stand in the center with a small ball in your hand. Ask a question, and then pass the ball to a student at random (for example, ‘what is two plus two', or ‘what is the capital of England'). If the student knows the correct answer they should pass the ball back to you as they answer. If they don't know they must call out ‘sorry, I don't know', and throw the ball to one of their classmates. If the second student knows the answer they return the ball to you, if not they pass it on again. Continue the process until you have the correct answer, and then begin again with a new topic. It is a good idea to repeat questions that the students have struggled with at a later stage in the game.

Memory Momentum

Prepare a tray of objects at the front of the class – the more items the better. Ask the class to file around the table for a short amount of time, cover up the objects and the students to sit back down again. The class should then write down the English names of as many objects as they can remember, and then call out the objects so that you can write them on the board. When the list is complete, ask the children to tell you a bit more about what they can remember, for example, ‘What was the banana near to?', ‘What was at the back of the table?', or ‘What was in the middle of the table?'. (In the event that the students cannot remember, simply uncover the objects in order to enable further learning).

As an extension of this exercise you could move the objects around, so that the class can practice describing comparative positioning. Try to get the students to use as many different words to describe the same things as possible. For example, if the banana was in the middle of the table, move it to the back of the table, and ask them ‘Where it is the banana now?', or ‘What it is the banana now next to/ beside/ opposite to/ adjacent to?'.

Holiday Fun

Tell the class to pretend that they are going on a holiday or a field trip, and ask them to bring in one small item or object that they would need to take with them. Use a large suitcase as a prop, and put it on a desk at the front of the classroom. Ask the students to come to the front of the class one by one and describe what they have brought, and explain why they have brought it. Try to get the children to be as specific as possible, for example, if a child has chosen to bring a t-shirt ask them what colour it is, what the logo says and other questions.

When all of the objects are ‘packed' in the suitcase you can develop the idea further, by asking the class what they have forgotten to pack. As they call out the items write the words down on the board – toothpaste, camera, sandals – and then get them to group the similar objects together.

Telling Tales

Arrange three separate bags at the front of the class, and put slips of paper in each of them. The first bag should hold the name of a person, the second the name of a place, and the third should contain an action. For example, ‘The Queen', ‘beach', ‘skipping'. Ask the students to select one slip of paper from each bag, and then to write a short story that includes all three elements. This can be as fictitious as they wish, so long as it makes grammatical sense. One by one ask the children to read out their short paragraph to the class, who should then try to spot any grammatical mistakes. The more random the words on the cards the better, as humour and comedy are perhaps the most prolific teaching tools in existence.

The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. X, No. 4, April 2004
http://iteslj.org/ http://iteslj.org/Lessons/Elliott-GroupActivities.html